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Proper breathing during labor

we create our own reality.Surprisingly, it can change your perception of the world.It does not require tremendous effort.Sometimes it is enough to master the basic skills of relaxation.Teach methods of stress reduction and nature will take its toll.You will learn to ignore minor transient troubles and concentrate on the main thing: his happiness of knowing that you will become a mother, created the new life.

Culture soul
not to think about what is breath?Yes, it is the oxygen saturation of the blood cells and removing carbon dioxide.From the standpoint of the chemistry and biology of life is impossible without breathing.However, no one doubts that our reality is not only material, but also something else.The ancient Eastern sages knew inspiratory we get a higher cosmic energy and exhale purify ourselves of excess.No wonder modern therapists claim that is completely focused on the breath, we are able to manage their emotions.We can relax and unwind after a hot clashes with his superiors, and to transf
orm the anxiety of the conversation with the district gynecologist ...

It works!
Surely you have felt: for your baby your uterus - the whole universe.You did the sea, the atmosphere, the sun's rays and everything, so it grows.Every second pipsqueak feel your pulse beating, vibration of your body.Together with you, he feels joy, bliss, delight.And of course, fear, anxiety, anger, negative ... Even in your tummy baby - reasonable beings perceive the world as it is.Therefore, the expectant mother is so important to maintain a sense of harmony.Some simple techniques will make it every pregnant.
some negative emotions are pleasant: for example, a sentimental pity, empathy, sadness ... During pregnancy, you may experience them even looking at a television show.This is normal, because the hormonal and psychological restructuring makes sense particularly acute that develops your mother's intuition.But sometimes you face a foreign aggression, fear and guilt, from which the body is compressed, and a headache.

then proceed to the "cleansing breath» .Put your right hand on his chest (the emotional center of energy), and the left - on the stomach (center of vital force).Close your eyes.Release the head from thoughts, feelings, only your body and the baby.Take a breath nose, first filling the chest, then his stomach.Until last breath, count to four.
Now exhale through the mouth of one: first the stomach and then the chest.Hold your breath for another account and start all over again.Imagine, if you are on a breath filled with light and peace, and as you exhale ejected from himself all negative.Make sure that your face was so relaxed, jaws slightly open.Do the exercise as much as like.
relaxation effect will anyway.If you manage to get into a meditative state (no idea!), You and the baby not only relax, but also nourish the energy of the cosmos.

Help body
Each week of pregnancy load on a woman's body increases.Stretch the uterus raises the diaphragm and abdominal organs.Therefore it reduces the amount of light.At the same time the baby needs oxygen increase.Using breathing techniques, you can help the body to effectively adapt to change.The main task of training - to learn abdominal breathing and learn to control inhalation and exhalation.Abdominal breathing improves blood circulation, causing the baby gets more oxygen.Deep breathing, you spend a session kind of massage the internal organs.And is prevention of varicose veins.

on breathing exercises you will spend no more than 10-15 minutes a day.This is enough.They can be combined with exercise (in between them or completion), or select them for a single moment.Just do not forget that too rapid breathing often causes slight dizziness.This is due to an increased concentration of oxygen in the blood.Faced with this problem, do not worry.Do this: Cover your mouth and nose with his hand like a mask.Inhale and exhale into it several times - and all the discomfort will soon pass.
first time it will be easier to train at home, quietly sitting on a mat spread on the floor.Well, if you do it under a slow beautiful music for relaxation.After the lesson is useful to rest for ten minutes lying on his left side.Some time later, having received the first skills you will be able to perform many exercises on the fly, without interrupting business.Do not forget that is especially effective and pleasant to hold such outdoor activities (while walking).

Win wheezing
stride, you are no longer able to restore the respiratory rate?With the same situation is encountered during cleaning or climbing stairs.For you it is strange, because before such a paltry load never accompanied by shortness of breath.Do not panic!This problem often occurs in the third trimester.The growing baby begins to put pressure on the diaphragm.No wonder that now you have difficulty breathing even with a small physical exertion.Importantly, do not be nervous.The situation is natural.This means that neither you nor crumbs were not in danger.To reduce the shortness of breath, try to relax a little more and watch the posture.Once again, it became difficult to breathe?Sit down at least for a couple of minutes.During sleep, use the extra pillow to his head was raised.I noticed that attacks of breathlessness become stronger?Consult your doctor.2-3 weeks until the crumbs to light breathlessness pass.The baby will fall, and your body begins to prepare for childbirth.

Dress rehearsal
during labor and attempts mums can be difficult to remember all the nuances of breathing practices.Therefore, during the period of pregnancy try to bring it to automatism.You are planning joint childbirth?In this case, let the husband is engaged with you.In the hospital's favorite will take on more the role of prompter and, if necessary, be sure to tell you what to do at any given moment.Remember how in the movies: the sultry macho or successful leader suddenly begin to breathe as spaniels, that see the ducks.And all this by squeezing the hand of his wife giving birth and looking into her eyes.If you can not remember to go, but at least laugh.

At the first battles
Once the muscles begin to shrink, do a deep breath and calm the same breath.Do not rush.Close your eyes and count to five.Bring to a rhythmic breathing.Continue to breathe as long as the fight is over.Try not to move to another type of breathing.

With intense battles
surface portion of the breath come in handy when contractions become more pronounced, and the pause between them - short.First, breathe evenly and deeply, and later move on to pant.At the end of the bout once again breathing should be calm.In this exercise spend no more than 20-30 seconds.

Before vain attempts
At the beginning of the fight breathe deeply.Then, a little breathing quickens.Accepted assume short breaths.One two Three.And then - a long exhale.

When vain attempts
take a deep breath and hold your breath as you can (at the time you tuzhishsya).After that - a short sharp exhalation and again the maximum length of a deep breath.With good training for one attempts you can do 3-4 of the respiratory cycle.Do not forget that exercising should not laid out in full.It is now your task - just remember especially breathing at each stage of delivery.

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