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Looking for the perfect jeans: how to choose jeans for women

How to choose jeans: learn to read the label

to pick the perfect jeans, enough to learn to read the product label, for her, and there are all the most important information.To get started please read the tag and Collect pants that fit you for the degree of fit.Thus, the inscription Carpenter means that you have in your hands is quite spacious jeans, not constraining movements.With marked Relaxed presented classic trousers, a moderately tight body.Models Regular Fit fairly tightly hugs the body.Slim Jeans much they cover the lower part of the body.A jeans labeled Super slim - very narrow.Models cut Baggy - wide and baggy jeans.

with densities understood, now you need the right size.About the size of the product tell the figures standing next to the letters W (Waist) and L (Length).The first indicates the waistline, the second - the length of the trouser leg from the inside.To determine the right size of jeans, you need to take away from the fact that you usually wear the number 16. For exampl

e, if you have 42 minutes clothing size, you will need jeans 26th.The length is indicated in inches.L 28 corresponds to the growth 157-160 cm, L 30 - 161-165 cm, L 32 -166-172 cm, L 34 - 173-180 cm, L 36 -181-186.But be sure to try on jeans, because line sizes from different manufacturers may vary.

Memorize one more rule: jeans should sit tight on the body, or even a little squeeze feet.This criterion is important because over time, stretch denim.If during the fitting, you feel that tight fitting jeans, so this is your size.

Perfect Jeans: choose the model of Figure

But select the desired size small.We should also be able to choose jeans that are suitable to the type of figure.Which model is right for you?Let's deal.

thighs. If you have wide hips, then you should buy jeans wide, gradually tapering downwards.Also, you will approach the flared trousers, trimmed with wide trousers with stitching and high seating.If you have narrow hips, you should choose a classic jeans with a straight leg and a model with a low waist.

buttocks. large pockets and big buttons on jeans visually reduce the full buttocks.To visually increase the volume of flat buttocks choose jeans, back pockets are interwoven seams in any pattern.

growth. If your height is below average, choose wide jeans with a high waist.But high girls can safely wear jeans with wide cuffs tucked that visually reduce the height.

As for the models, ie jeans, which are always in fashion.For example, the jeans "masculine cut" tight-fitting and free the priest from the hip.Almost out of fashion and "pipes" - straight jeans, enough tight from the hip.This year will be popular and wide flared jeans that fit absolutely any shape.

Recommendations for jeans care

  1. To jeans did not lose their shape, they must be washed in the washing machine and turned inside out with all the zippers and buttons buttoned.
  2. Wash at temperature indicated on the label, as a rule, it is 30-40 degrees during the regime of "cotton" and spin - minimum.
  3. Do not use detergents with bleaching agents.
  4. If you decide to soak before washing jeans, do it at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees and not more than two hours.
  5. When washing black or colored jeans need to add a small amount of water in vinegar to preserve the color.
  6. Drying jeans need Unfolded on the dryer does not dry.
  7. If you want to pat, do it at low temperatures, according to the label.

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