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Table layout for the new year

How to Book a table for the new year

First you have to decide what colors will be picked up serving items.The main Christmas colors are red, white and green.It's hard to say why exactly, maybe it's the color of Santa Claus costume and the main New Year's tree, and maybe for some other reasons, but these colors Serving New Year's table most commonly used.Every year on the eastern calendar is accompanied by one of the 12 animals, and every year the astrologers advised the color with which it is desirable to meet the coming year.It will be interesting if the colors of the table will be selected according to their recommendations.In general, if you want to retreat from the conventions and banalities, you can move to your imagination and make something delicious.

So once decided on the color should be defined with a tablecloth.It can be a table cloth on the whole, a small mats personally for each sitting.Will the original, if you decorate the backs of chairs to match the tablecloth.

Beautiful design Christmas table

We select stages

Then there is a choice of napkins.Napkins can use a cloth or paper.As for the paper, then their choice in the supermarkets of any city can only envy.But if you decide to use cloth, and if you own sewing skills, you can embroider something original, or sew, for example, a bell or a piece of tinsel.

Ware.Of course, buying a new set of dishes for the New Year's Eve would be costly, you can use your daily dishes, but decorate it with something interesting.For example, you can put on each plate, bought in a store, a snowflake, or a sprig of pine needles.

glasses can beautifully decorate with white or golden thin lines decorate sequins, make sugar fringing or tie anything on foot.

Krsivaya, festive dishes for the new year.

As for the decoration of the table, here the options are limitless.Candles, fir branches, cones, small Christmas trees, Santas, snowmen and other Christmas paraphernalia.The main thing is not to allow a known bug, and not put on the table that you liked, do not go overboard with the decorations to the table did not look much alyapisto and loaded.

If you have placed on the table all this beauty, and places to eat virtually no, then we can consider several options.For serving dishes can be used to transfer or side table meals in a circle.By the way, do dishes, you can also build a similar decoration of dishes.

Do not overdo it with the colors, limit yourself to two or three colors and stick to the selected theme.

We decorate the New Year table - it is convenient and original

Remember that regardless of the table layout and decoration of the house, the mood and the atmosphere will depend primarily on the hospitality of the hosts.Welcomes guests with a smile and good humor.We are confident that guests will notice and appreciate your hard work and soul nested, and your design skills will be assessed on merit.Let the holiday will be able to glory, even sounds fun pouring out glasses.Joy and happiness in the new year!

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