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Mosquito: how to choose the best?

mosquito in nature


Pour the dried clove buds with water and boil for 20 minutes.Mix broth with an alcohol solution (cologne) and apply to the skin.It is an effective folk remedy for mosquitoes can protect you and your children from bites for two hours.

Essential oils

Smell able repellency hardest.Anise, clove, eucalyptus or tea tree oil is not just scare away mosquitoes, but also ease the itching.Add a few drops in the cream and lubricate the skin.Also, the oil can drip on sources of heat: a house in the aroma lamp and an incandescent lamp, on the street - into the fire.


If Camping divorced fire, throw in a fire several fir cones or branches.Properties needles effectively repel mosquitoes.

Fish oil

Spread the exposed areas of fish oil.Mosquitoes can not stand the smell.However, enough effect is not more than an hour.

Cedar oil

Cedar oil is known for its miraculous healing effect.Apply the oil on the open skin and enjoy the ride.

Wheat grass Wheat grass - a weed that

is often found in gardens.If you are in the country, this plant grows, then you do not need to be afraid of mosquitoes.A decoction of its roots can be the salvation of all bloodsuckers.Apply a folk remedy against mosquitoes is possible and for children under one year.

Means of protection from mosquitoes for the house

Mosquito nets - reliable protection.Insects simply can not get through the tiny holes.Make sure that the grid had no deficiencies, which will be subsequently input for mosquitoes in your house.

You can even make a protective canopy by hand.For it is necessary hulahup and durable fabric.The two pieces of fabric is overlapped one on another and attach it to a circle.Above do hook to the canopy can be used in different places.Such a structure is useful not only at home over the bed, but for gatherings in the garden at the cottage.

sprays and ointments firms OFF perfect against mosquito bites.Additionally, there are varieties of tablets and gels OFF.The plate must be inserted into a special device (fumigator), and its effect will protect you from mosquitoes and midges at night.Spirals are also different performance.But not everyone can stand the smell emanating from the volatile substances.

Also popular is the use of electronic means from mosquitoes.Operation is the impact of high-frequency sound that is impossible to hear the person.Apparatus proposed in several forms.You can even buy a small pendant and worn around the neck.However, the radius of the impact of such a small device.

effective mosquito repellent plant based

To relieve irritation and itching at the site of the bite, use the following methods.Add these ingredients to the gel for treatment of the body or simply rub their skin.In addition, such methods are useful for children age even up to a year:

  • aloe juice onion parsley leaves
  • saltwater

also good ease symptoms after biting soda.Add it in water 1: 1 and stir.Then treat the skin.Use these tips and take care of yourself and your family!