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The decision to have a child with a favorite

Be ready.To start reformulate the task.The news that you will soon be no longer two, but more did not catch you by surprise.So there is time and opportunity to fully prepared ready for the happy event.By the decision to have a child with a favorite resort is easy, but what awaits you in the future, can easily get nervous.First of all, both of you probably want to have your descendant was born and grew up healthy.And that means it's time to come to grips with their own health.Who is the best time to pass the necessary tests to see if that is not so, time to heal before pregnancy.And it could not be more appropriate - to give up bad habits.If your decision with your loved ones to have a baby, beloved, too, must not stand aside: after all, it will contribute to the well-being your baby!

He recommended not miss classes at the gym: Weight Training helps produce testosterone.In the menu to include more protein and fat and sweet to eat less - this diet promotes "production" of active sperm.A sauna and hot
tub is worth temporarily set aside.At least two days before the critical lessons "love the consequences!"To be sure, the decision to have a child, you can still try to determine the time of ovulation, when the probability of conception is greatest.Typically, when a cycle of 28 days it takes about 14 minutes per day.However, this relationship has various "error".Clarify the time "B" can be measured or the so-called basal temperature, or by using special test.

Slowly but surely. And here he came, exciting moment decision to have a baby: you look forward, as it is now will merge in ecstasy, to give the world a new man.What will help you in this noble cause?First, do not skimp on foreplay.The more excitement ladies, the easier it will be to move towards its goal of media hereafter.Like clockwork, figuratively speaking.Secondly, to complete love games should choose the good old missionary position.In principle, there is no single ideal position for conception: it can happen to any of them.However, it is clear that in the standing posture or pose rider in the "living water" on the way to the final stop will be a bit more difficult.In addition, some anatomical features of the female body (for example, bending of the uterus) further complicate the path of sperm.Therefore, the desired effect after the "finale" we recommend not to get up at once, and relax for some time to lie down on his stomach.

your decision with your loved to have a child has been taken, so a few commandments prospective parents.The most important thing - is to love each other in any situation in which you would not have appeared.You can not be nervous and worried greatly expectant mothers.It is also necessary to train the IT balance and calm.It must always be programmed itself a positive result.Even if you just does not work, get upset and do not despair, everything can start again with the conviction that everything will turn out.And while only two of you, spend as much time together, take care of each other, love each other.Take time to just lie together in bed and dream about what your life will be when you will be three.And what it will be the third - not once, that's for sure!Your unborn child it will only benefit, because it is important to advance to feel like he was waiting for, and already love!