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To help in childbirth comes fitball

Nowadays fitball necessarily present in the maternity units of the US and Western Europe, and already in many hospitals in Russia and Ukraine.

Why fitball in childbirth

Big gymnastic ball makes it easier for generic process, thus relieving tension of muscles of the pelvic floor.Swinging on the ball allow to establish proper breathing and ignore the pain.Especially it is recommended to use in the first half of the genera to facilitate dilatation of the cervix.

Select ball

Even if the delivery room is equipped with a fitball, recommend buying your own.Firstly, you are guaranteed to be with the ball in childbirth, and secondly, it is perfectly suited to you in size, and, thirdly, it will garazdo hygiene.It is advisable to take delivery of her husband, who then will be inflated ball.

When choosing a ball, especially pay attention to the size.If you are tall (over 170 cm), then you need to buy a ball of 75-80 cm in diameter, with the growth of 160-170 cm - 65 cm, and are suitable for miniature mum

mies balls 55-60-cm.Too much ball increases the load on the joints, which is extremely undesirable during pregnancy and childbirth.The criterion for correctly chosen size of the ball is the situation when in a sitting position on the ball of your thighs parallel to the floor.

color ball is also very important.Listen to your desires, because labor is essential inner sense of comfort.

Fitbol must be strong enough to withstand the load, and not less than 150-200 kg.

provisions on fitball in childbirth

main assumptions on fitball in childbirth have a sitting position on the ball, standing on all fours and a prone position on the ball.

exercises sitting on the ball train the pelvic floor muscles.Exercises on all fours improve utero-placental blood flow, reduce the load on the spine, and therefore is one of the methods of pain relief during labor.Similarly, exercise lying on the ball to help relieve pain in the back and relax.

To use fitball in childbirth, especially in the first period, it is advisable "to make friends" with the ball even during pregnancy, to get used to it and try all the positions that are used in combat.But the main thing - do not overdo it!For example, the exercises are used during childbirth, may not always be allowed during pregnancy, especially in certain pathologies of pregnancy, the possible threat.There are special training courses for women in childbirth, which is actively used fitball.

What do you do on the ball

First of all, a woman in labor itself intuitively selects the position during labor.From the beginning of the fights on fitball comfortable to sit, jump, swing back and forth, "to draw" Eight.On the ball adjusted comfortably deep diaphragmatic breathing, and massaging the abdomen, the sacrum and lower back.

very good use is fitball in partner delivery when in the "on all fours" the husband makes his wife a massage.

classic position "sitting on the ball," first of all, stimulate generic activities, and provision "on all fours", by contrast, allows you to relax and unwind.

illusion or real assistant

take generations "wonder ball" or not - it's up to you!I will say one thing in the world today, there are many ways to facilitate the generic process.There is a security tool, there are side effects.To help in childbirth come fitball as a means no contraindications and side effects.Its efficiency is different for different women.He - not the main party to the birth, and all your assistant, improvised tool to help you relax, adjust breathing, stimulate the birth process and naturally numb the birth pains.

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