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The best age for giving birth

birth of a child under the age of 18 years was also considered an early and untimely.And not in vain, the best age 18-25 years, designed by nature itself.First of all, at this age, the ovaries are working in full force, and the body has not had time to accumulate a bunch of chronic diseases.Childlessness and miscarriages are much less common.Births are also easier in a natural way.The muscular tone of the uterus is still high, and the body recovers faster after childbirth.More recently, a woman gave birth to her first child at an average age of 21.

Today the situation has changed radically, and the average age of child birth - 25 years.More and more women are delaying marriage and childbirth to a later period of 30-35 years.Some want to first get an education, a career, live for yourself.For others, a very important role is played by material well-being, and some can not find your ideal partner for creating a family and having children by the age of 30.

opinions about what age is best to give birth,

were divided.American scientists have, for example, say the best age for giving birth - 34 years.At this age, a woman, as a rule, "standing firm on his feet."Also, growing up, women are beginning to more closely monitor their health, and have a steady partner.In addition, already proven by the fact that pregnancy and childbirth have a positive effect on a woman's body, rejuvenating it.But then there are the "pitfalls".Deciding to have a baby at age 35, a woman may encounter the following troubles:

Firstly: the reproductive system begins to fade and much more difficult to get pregnant and can not always.Chances of infertility.Over the years, the number of women accumulate an illness occurring sometimes asymptomatic;

Second, an increasing number of spontaneous abortions due to hormonal changes the body, and existing chronic diseases in women.If women are diseases such as hypertension or kidney problems, then it is likely to develop preeclampsia (toxemia second half of pregnancy);

Third: women over 35 years old to give birth to much more difficult because of the decreasing elasticity of the soft tissues and the slow opening of the birth canal.At that age give birth by Caesarean section.

Finally, and most importantly, with age increases the risk of having an unhealthy child, a great danger of chromosomal disorders such as Down's syndrome, for example.

Still, do not be afraid to give birth after 30. Today, medicine has leaped forward.Miscarriages and gestosis learned to detect and treat early signs of the appearance.Late pregnancy a woman is sent to the hospital in advance, choose the mode of delivery.To a healthy baby, you need to later pregnancy was planned.Desirable woman and her husband tested for infection and treated for several months before conception.Also, the risk of having a sick child is reduced to almost zero, if a woman becomes time to antenatal clinics and passes the necessary examinations to early pregnancy.It is fair to say that these precautions apply to all women who want to become pregnant, regardless of age.

In any case, choosing the best age for giving birth is to women.

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