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Painful childbirth and medical advice

heard the term "easy birth"?In using it, the jackpot ers gynecologists involve childbirth without medication, surgery and lasting no more than a day.Even the ancients believed, "Sun over giving birth should not get up twice."But the ease of the process - the concept is very subjective.Happy father baby come to the hospital - and hear that everything went fine.And the woman will tell what its share fell suffering, and that the second time will not give birth.This means that she felt the pain - and now is afraid of repetition.It is unlikely that such deliveries will take it easy, even though the surrounding think otherwise.Painful childbirth and medical advice to help you solve this problem.

However, experts say
: if a woman will know that it must occur during childbirth, will not feel sharp pain.After all the pain increases fear of the unknown.At first harbingers of the future mother begins giving birth - when tingling in the lower abdomen.Further moves mucus plug.And the start of the fight.At first,

they last for a few seconds with an interval of 40 minutes.Then, the interval is reduced, the duration and intensity of the contractions increases.After attempts to come - the final stage of labor.By the way, gynecologists claim that women giving birth with a broad pelvis, it can resolve the burden, both in prehistoric times - quickly and easily, without feeling pain.

Drink Fresh
, eat vegetables and fruits, with enviable regularity walk in the park?And exemplary lifestyle, and food as a textbook, of course, do not guarantee delivery without a hitch.The birth of the new man - the process unpredictable, anything can happen.But the rules of conduct prenatal still is respected, especially in the painful birth and the doctor's advice.

Even before pregnancy, it is desirable to be examined by a doctor: if there is a chronic disease of the heart, liver and everything is okay with hormones.If you want to be treated.And must pass tests for TORCH-infection (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, etc.).Kohl discovered a fifth column, you need to get rid of it before conception.It's time to part with bad habits, especially smoking.Not only that nicotine through the placenta to the baby falls and poisoning it!During childbirth can be fetal distress (lack of oxygen in the child).Then carry out a caesarean section.Also lovers of cigarettes can be premature aging of the placenta.This also means that deliveries have not pass without difficulty.Painful childbirth and the advice of doctors will be able to dot the «i».

not hurt to make friends with
exercise.Trained muscles - still easy delivery.And the fight will not be so painful and the baby will be born soon.Suitable special gymnastics, yoga for pregnant women.The right course - swimming, water aerobics, water fitness.H20 relax and exercise it easier tolerated.In women who give birth in the swimming pool, childbirth proceed very well.The main thing - no amateur.Exercise you can do if allowed gynecologist.

Worth install and spiritual contact with the unborn child.It is ideal for this work: sewing, knitting, embroidery, drawing, singing.So the mother and the child agree with each other at an energy level - the years pass successfully.Word of mouth passes: to give birth at home much more comfortable.Like, around family, friends.In addition, the beginning of a new life - a miracle.And what a miracle might be in the hospital?Obstetricians against this method.Of course, childbirth - a natural process, the nature of the woman.If everything is okay, the baby can be born safely, and in a city apartment - the sounds of soft music and the gentle candlelight.

line between normal and
SOS signal in obstetrics is very thin.All nine months of Spades will delight loved ones excellent state of health and the fight she will begin on schedule ... But at a certain stage of the process can go all wrong, and delivery of physiologic go into pathological when giving birth need urgent medical care, and her houserender practically impossible.Therefore it is better not to risk it - and give birth in the hospital.Especially if the painful birth and doctors' advice did not help.

Good news: pregnant women on the couch, no one puts.Obstetricians have found a woman should give birth in that position in which it is convenient.Lying on his back, half-sitting on the couch and even standing - the expectant mother chooses itself.This "indulgence" is introduced by a special decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.During birth the lungs need to breathe correctly.

easiest to learn abdominal breathing.This is when during inspiration abdominal wall moves forward.This breathing technique will contribute to the disclosure of the cervix, relax the abdominal muscles.Pain during labor will be felt less.To master this technique, you need to put your hand on your stomach and breathe as if to push it.You can imagine what's inside - a ball of air.On the exhale, this imaginary ball must be blown away.Ideal - to learn abdominal breathing instructor.Wonderful painkiller - water.For example, in Kiev maternity hospital delivery rooms have showers.Woman in labor may pour warm water on the lower back - to facilitate the process of contractions.But directly to give birth in the water in most hospitals is not practiced.When the painful birth and the doctor's advice, you will be able to be supported by specific recommendations from specialists.

obstetrician-gynecologist very welcome partnership delivery.With a woman may be her mother, a friend, a neighbor - a man whom she trusts.Woman in labor feels emotional support, and it is psychologically easier.In the delivery room may be present and the spouse.However bioenergotherapist warn that not all men are willing to do so.If we addressed at the joint childbirth, the husband has to go first prenatal training, to know what's going on with giving birth at every stage of how to help her.

From a medical point of view, the most effective weapon
pain - epidural anesthesia.The pain-relieving medicine is injected into the epidural space of the spinal canal spine.This tool is used when a woman does not open the cervix greatly improved blood pressure, or if the birth was delayed too.By the way, the lady herself has the right to ask the doctor to give her anesthesia.And she will meet.Such manipulation is usually safe for mother and baby.But in rare cases, complications are possible: discomfort in the lower back, headaches, and malfunction of the bladder.Contraindications: intolerance of drugs lidocaine series (they are used to this type of anesthesia), frequent migraines, rashes, inflammation of the skin;the lower back, spinal disease.

The people believed that the pain will help avoid a cesarean section.In fact, this is a serious abdominal surgery.It is done in the wrong position prenatal baby, fetal distress (lack of oxygen in the child).By cesarean resort when mothers narrow pelvis, there is a serious disease of the heart, kidneys and other emergencies.Painful childbirth and medical advice can help only if you are ready for such an operation.

many women want to give birth to the operation?Thus, they tend to avoid pain.Although the operation - no less painful ordeal.Also ladies want to keep their sexuality.Indeed, if to give birth naturally, private parts will be different.They can return the form - if you use special massagers.By the way, there are other rumors about a Caesarean section.Some women believe that when it can not deliver on their own.In fact, you can plan another pregnancy after two years of operation (but not more than five years).During this period, the scar on the uterus is strong enough ... In general, any delivery can be called happy.After the birth of the baby justifies all the tests.

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