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When the only way - Caesarean section

indications for cesarean section stipulated in the special protocols that are strictly enforced obstetricians and avoid medical performances.They can be identified even when pregnancy gynecologist of female consultation, then the woman is preparing for elective surgery, hospitalized in advance, are examined in the maternity hospital, with doctors determine the date of the transaction and are waiting for the children of the light.But there are also indications in childbirth, when the question of operative delivery is achieved already in the hospital, and often directly to the delivery room.
indications for elective caesarean section are:
- complete placenta previa;
- partial placenta previa with severe bleeding;
- abruptio placentae with severe bleeding or the presence of intrauterine fetal suffering;
- the failure of the uterine scar after cesarean section or other uterine operations;
- more than two scars on the uterus;
- transverse position of the fetus;
- breech in combination with the straightened

head, with fetal weight over 3600 grams and less than 1,500 grams, or anatomical changes in the pelvis;
- fused twins;
- breech or transverse position of the first fetus in multiple pregnancy;
- multiple pregnancy (more than two fetuses);
- chronic fetal hypoxia, fetal malnutrition, intractable drug therapy;
- anatomically narrow pelvis II-III degree of stenosis, tumors or deformities of the bones of the pelvis, a condition after operations on the hip joints and pelvis;
- malformations of the uterus and vagina;
- tumors of the cervix, ovaries and other organs of the pelvic cavity, blocking the birth canal;

- extragenital cancers, multiple uterine fibroids larger;
- scar contraction of the cervix and vagina, a scar on the perineum after suturing the gap of III degree in the previous birth;
- pronounced varicose veins in the vagina and vulva;
- acute herpes virus infection of the genital tract;
- in vitro fertilization in cases of complicated obstetric history;
- nulliparous age older than 30 years, combined with obstetric and extragenital pathology;
- long history of infertility in combination with other aggravating factors;
- hemolytic disease of the fetus in the birth canal unprepared;
- prolonged pregnancy with no effect on rodostimulyatsii;
- severe diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems;
- high myopia;
- severe preeclampsia in the absence of the effect of the therapy and untrained birth canal (this indication can be attributed to the indication in childbirth - it all depends on the duration of pregnancy in which a pregnant established such a diagnosis).
Indications for cesarean section during labor (usually emergency operations):
- clinically narrow pelvis;
- premature rupture of membranes and the lack of effect of rodostimulyatsii;
- abnormalities of labor, intractable drug therapy;
acute fetal hypoxia;
- detachment of normally situated placenta or low;
- threatening or commencing uterine rupture;
- presentation and the loss of the umbilical cord loops while untrained birth canal;
- improper insertion and presentation of the fetal head (frontal, front view facial, back view of standing high direct sagittal suture);
- state of agony, or the sudden death of mothers with a live fetus.Also
indications for surgery, there are also conditions for the logged caesarean section: a living fetus (in some cases, when you need urgent delivery, delay which threatens the life of the woman, this condition is not met), the consent of the women for the operation (if a woman is in the mind), the lack ofsigns of suppurative complications septichesih.
It goes without saying that for the mother and baby are more favorable natural, physiological birth.After Caesarean section - is, first of all, like any laparotomy, as with any anesthesia, a huge risk for the baby.Secondly, it is a longer post-operative period, including a sufficiently intense therapy, diet, intestinal problems, postoperative suture.And probably the only advantage compared to the birth process itself is painless, thanks to adequate anesthetic management.But ... I must say thanks to the wise men of the past who mastered the Caesarean section at the chance of having a healthy and most importantly - a living child and thus save his own life.And thanks to modern obstetricians and gynecologists who refuse cavity forceps in favor of operative delivery, significantly reducing the number of birth defects in newborns.
So, as in the famous Soviet slogan "Fatherland said - it is necessary, the Young Communist League said - is", if you have indications for cesarean section, you must accept and try to remain calm and faith in what you all went without complications.
Successful delivery !!!

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