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Lady Gaga is trying to lose weight for his own wedding

Dietitian publication Life & amp;Style Lisa Defatsio noted that in April, the singer clearly weighed around or even more than 70 kilograms.In addition, adjusted, Gaga began to wear large clothes, sparking a new wave of rumors.Fans of the actress once again suggested that she is expecting a child, but with the help of free style dresses trying to hide her pregnancy.But talk of a possible interesting position pop diva and this time proved to be premature.

After the recital, held in Los Angeles, the 29-year-old singer told fans that are not pregnant, but just in the lasttime put on weight.And because it is prone to be overweight and also not too young to lose weight it is more complicated.

Lady Gaga loses weight

In response to comments from subscribers Instagram, which was called the singer thick, the star said he was proud of its forms.However, when at the beginning of the summer Lady Gaga visited a party in Malibu, many noted that it looks much slimmer than a couple of months a

go.Apparently, training on a stationary bike and visit yoga lessons were not lost.These latest news from the life of the actress have pleased many fans of "mother monster" and they praised for its perseverance.Changes in the appearance of the singer and you can track it on the microblogging photos in social networks.Apparently, Gaga does not want the main topic of discussion at the upcoming wedding ceremony began her extra weight.

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga met in 2011, at the video shoot «You and I», and after a few weeks they started dating.Marketed by her lover and a diamond ring in the shape of heart as a sign of engagement pop star received in 2015, the year on Valentine's Day.This she announced her fans in Instagram.Specially for the wedding ceremony in Malibu Gaga got a house on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

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