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How unusual to congratulate friends and colleagues

How original congratulate our colleagues on the New Year

for a friendly and cohesive team perfectly suited funny cards, you can either buy or make yourself.If you decide to be creative, it is recommended that for every employee to make a separate card.For an idea you can take the following ideas: cut face from the photos colleagues stuck to the trunk card and dorisovyvat fantastic hero (Snow White, the hero, Little Mermaid, etc.).Homemade card should be bright and cheerful.It will be superfluous to paste over it with colored satin ribbons.Inside, be sure to write a cheerful poem desired (you can use ready-made options from the Internet or write yourself).

Creative Ideas congratulations of friends and colleagues a Happy New Year

If you own a program of presentations, you can easily make a congratulatory collage of his team.Virtual cards can be accompanied by cheerful music and animation.

way, very original and fun to come to the office with a bunch of helium balls, which will be enclosed within a small parcel of good predictions.Ask each of your colleagues on the ball t

o pull himself out of it and reveal the parcel.Be sure this congratulation not only great fun your team, but will also be remembered.As predictions can write the following:

  • Wait for a raise;
  • This year, expect increasing;
  • Chef will greatly praise you;
  • You will not have time to spend one salary, as will overtake the next;
  • year than paid holidays;
  • The coming year promises prizes and work without stress;

If the team is small and finances allow, you can order a printed their names and wishes on any souvenirs (mugs, pens, calendars, etc.).

A few ideas to help greet your friends a Happy New Year

Also, people will be very pleased to remember his childhood and find her a present under the Christmas tree or among the working documents.Where better to hide it - decide for yourself.

How to congratulate a friend on New Year

In fact, a huge number of friendly greetings and that is why we give the example of the freshest and ironic Happy New Year.

If a person loves jokes and pranks, you can give him a soft toy-povtoryushku that can repeat any phrases funny voice and laughter.In addition, some models have a voice recording feature, so you can safely record your greeting, and play it on return.

Some ideas of creative gifts and greetings for friends in New Year

Today, many mobile operators offer all sorts of funny jokes.So, for example, you can choose any one you like the voice (President, seductive woman, Gopnik, an old man, and others) and to congratulate his friend this way.

As you can see, there are many ideas unusual Happy New Year.The unusual and fun approach will be, the more it is remembered by the person.The main thing is the desire to surprise!

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