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How to behave during childbirth

Today we look at one of these important issues - how to behave during childbirth.The pen

stage of labor with each fight fetus gets less and less oxygen.Therefore, your breathing becomes involuntarily deep.Breathe deeply during the fight - inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.So you will provide your baby with greater access of air will help him cope with hypoxia.Breathe and correctly - easy and free.Your breathing will not bring any good to the kid, if you breathe convulsively, and exhale jerks.Imagine that the air, like water, flows into your lungs and benefits your baby.Help him will be born during each bout breathe correctly.

your position during labor may be one in which you are most comfortable stay.If there are no contraindications of the obstetrician-gynecologist, you can stand or walk.If you prefer to carry the fight lying, then select the position on the side with your knees bent.You can gently stroke the abdomen during the fight.Stroking produce barely touching the skin, finger

tips of both hands from the center of the abdomen in different directions.Such movements are able to anesthetize the birth process.Stroking is best done in time with the breath, and myself at the same time you can say: "I am calm.I control everything that happens to me.I'm not afraid.I help her baby to be born. "This auditory training helps to distract from the pain and accelerate skhvatochnoy thus generic process.

In order to reduce the pain of battle, you can spend yourself acupressure.The front should be slightly press the point at the upper edge of the iliac bone, and behind - the point on the outer corners of the lumbar diamond.Clicking on these points is made in the front with your thumbs.Use a small vibration when pressing a finger.To do acupressure points behind, beneath the lumbar diamond fists.

Watch for the duration of bouts.At the end of each bout give maximum body relaxation - try to relax.After the end of the bout sure to tell yourself that your uterus has opened a certain distance, and that very soon your baby will be born, just need a little patience.

If you are unbearably painful, and you are close to losing consciousness, let us know your doctor.In such situations, doctors can help women in childbirth and numb fight.But remember that any drug administered woman during childbirth a negative impact on the child.The kid may be born in a state of narcotic depression, and it makes it difficult to adapt it to the world.

In the first stage of labor due to the strong change of the tone of the autonomic nervous system, and also because of the opening of the cervix, many women have vomiting.If the you do not feel dizzy, no stomach pain, flies flashing before my eyes, it is quite a natural phenomenon.Vomiting mostly singly and requires medical intervention.After vomiting, rinse the mouth with water and take a sip or two, but do not drink a lot of water, so as not to trigger a new attack.

With the completion of the first stage of labor, you are taken to the ancestral hall.In the second stage of labor in mothers start attempts.Attempts also have to manage on their own.The effectiveness of attempts controls obstetrician and midwife.The effectiveness of attempts depends on the correctness of your posture and on whether you tuzhites.

When you lie on the family table, shoulders should be raised, feet should be firmly rested on the table, his hands grab the special handrails.Take a deep breath, hold your breath, close the mouth tuzhtes.After the end of the attempts you need to relax, breathe deeply.Every time attempts stronger and stronger.The strongest attempts when the baby's head passes through the pelvis.Once the baby's head appears in a generic slot, the midwife can help that will protect the perineum from tearing.Carefully follow all recommendations of the doctor and the midwife.Do not forget that the baby's head emerges out of attempts, so we need to restrain the attempts to jerk when the midwife says about it.In order to keep a reflex, relax and breathe through your mouth, not holding my breath.

Lung you birth!