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Polina Gagarina appeared topless on the beach

Polina Gagarina - topless photos

In the photo, a few hours ago posted in social networks, the singer with her hair and sunglasses posing on the sandy beach topless.The denim shorts she is sitting on the sand, tucked under her one leg, knee and other covers her bare breasts.The picture was taken his wife Polina Gagarina, a professional photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, likely during the honeymoon couples.Photo

turned bold, but at the same time chaste and very romantic.The singer looks fragile and delicate.The picture, in a short time brought together tens of thousands of likes from fans, artist signed:

When I was a mermaid, and to dissolve the hair in the wind ... Meanwhile, we in Samara!

Subscribers blog Polina Gagarina Woman showered with compliments, noting her figure slender and fit.Someone asked her weight loss recipes, while others praised the quality of work and Iskhakov, saying that they are smart and Pauline at them turns out very beautiful.

Family Polina Gagarina

A little earlier on the page Instagram singer appeared in a stylish monochrome photos.According to the artist, her son took a picture.The picture she signed in half-joking manner:

Taken my son!Podsizhivaet Iskhakov!

the way, recently in his microblog Gagarin has published a new picture, and his grown-up son's Andrew.The boy's father, who was born in 2007, is her first husband, actor Peter sour.According to the singer, she often deals with the ex-spouse, discussing issues of parenting a son and the latest news from his life.And Andrew himself not only a great relationship with his own father, and stepfather.

Dmitry and Andrey supported Pauline in Vienna during her participation in the contest "Eurovision".After the speech Gagarin in his blog I did not forget to thank for the support of his entire family, team and many fans.