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The need for urgent medical attention

need for urgent medical intervention in childbirth occurs when suddenly subsides labor, when a woman in labor is not in a position to give birth on their own and in other cases when there is a threat to life and health of the fetus.
Forced medical intervention in the delivery process - a forceps, vacuum extraction, incision of the perineum.
One of the most "terrible" internally operations during childbirth - a forceps delivery.Among the many people, there are many questions and doubts about the necessity of such interference, because they believe that this operation will lead to injury of the fetus during labor.It is necessary to clarify that the high trauma of the operation is mainly related to the cases in which it is produced.In the normal course of childbirth doctor never be removing the child from the birth canal with forceps.But there are cases where no such intervention is simply the fruit can be lost.

For example, the situation when the fetal head sank into the pelvis, and the labors froze.In t

his case, the heartbeat of the fetus becomes spasmodic, and then gradually stops fetal hypoxia occurs.If this situation is not urgently intervene and impose a forceps, fruit die.Cesarean section is not done, since the child is already too far down from the abdomen to the pelvis.The only way to help the mother and baby - forceps or vacuum extraction of the fetus.The operation takes less time, the better I will feel the baby after birth, as he hypoxia.

Forceps and vacuum extraction is carried out only by experts who know the techniques to perform these operations.The essence of these operations is that the baby is removed from the birth canal by using special devices.The difference between the forceps and vacuum extraction is that the vacuum extraction just helps to push new mother and baby bear head, and replace the forceps attempts, the child comes out of the birth canal under external influence physician.

These medical interventions may be performed at lower generic activity under the threat of hypoxia with contraindications to the stress during childbirth (with heart disease, with late preeclampsia with hypertension and others.)

extraction of fetal head with forceps or vacuum does not injure the neckvertebrae and the very head of the child, is thought by the people.When you exit the birth canal belt fetus is in the widest part of the pelvis, which means that the baby freely removed from the birth canal through the efforts of midwife and doctor.

Another major operations internally during childbirth - a dissection of the perineum.The muscles of the perineum are strong, and sometimes prevent the birth of a baby hangers, clamp them.Therefore, when a baby from the birth canal, is now a widespread eruption of the perineum to facilitate childbirth.

Of course, such an intervention as perineal incision is made in the forceps during vacuum extraction of the fetus.So the head of the fetus is less susceptible to injury and lighter out through the birth canal.It is also used in the dissection of the perineum threat of rupture.Practice shows that the gap is more difficult to sew, it heals more and much longer incision.

Another important reason for the operation of dissection of the perineum - is that the muscles of the perineum exposed so low stress and stretching during childbirth, that in the future they can tone down so that age any such unpleasant problem as prolapse of internalgenitals.

premature labor perineal incision is almost always carried out to avoid any risk of injury to the child when you exit the birth canal.

Treat all medical interventions in the delivery process, including forced to operations during childbirth, how to facilitate childbirth process.Doctors at first willing to help easier and faster to complete your generic process and make it as safe for the baby.Give birth


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