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As a pregnant Katie Topuria "arrived" in Astana on Muz-TV

Beautiful active pregnant Katie Topuria

always fashionable and faithful to his style lead singer of the popular group A-Studio, and being in a position pleases fans flawless images and well-groomed appearance.

Moreover, bermennosti singer actively working to develop its own brand of clothing and opens its boutiques KetiOne.Of course, do not deny yourself the pleasure to record clips in the studio with bandmates and duets with peers.

latest news of Instagram also show stars not dull with her husband walks through the sunny streets of Los Angeles, in fact, as recent headlines suggest, that there is going to give birth to her first child Katie Topuria.

Instead trip Keti Topuria mastered teleportation wonders

Despite some media spread the news about the recent itinerary Katie Topuria from Los Angeles to Astana and back, in fact, the singer always remained in America, still speaking on the Kazakh stage.This clever trick and was one of the surprises from the director of the TV channel Muz-TV Arma

n Davletyarova.Singer pre-recorded his speech for the ceremony Muz-TV in the stylish manner in a bright red dress and directors just left a post with the image of Kate during a live performance on the stage of Astana members of "A-Studio".

Popular Group received in Astana deserved award, which Katie Topuria wrote in her blog:

Yesterday we were the best bands of the decade !!! This insanely nice and responsible reward !!! It has been ten years since the boystogether, time flies fast course, but the main thing we are not lagging behind and will continue to try to please and give you a beautiful song, much more to be relevant for many years ...

So all fans of the singer can breathe with relief: the future kid (say, that it isa girl) and Katie Topuria Leo Geikhman safely and was about to knock on the world.Carefully follow!