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The creators of "The Simpsons" have decided to dissolve Homer and Marge

According to the producer of the animated series Al Jean, the divorce will not cause the classic "irreconcilable differences" as the disease Homer.Revelers drinker and lover of donuts Homer Simpson suffers from narcolepsy - a disease that is characterized by increased sleepiness and sudden attacks of sleep.The disease will give a serious strain on the once strong marriage, and the couple grew apart.

However, not the kind of guy homer to just sit back, he finds himself a new "lady of the heart."Chosen hero will farmatsevt.Kstati, Homer Simpson, Marge had already changed.It happened in the fifth season, was released in theaters in 1993.

new season, viewers will see this autumn.

creators of "The Simpsons" kill Bart Simpson

Earlier in the media appeared information that the creators of the popular Project plan to kill the son of Homer and Marge - Bart.Cruel killer would clown Sideshow Bob, who had long hated the guy.However, Bart is killed in a series devoted to Halloween, so he later, the assuran

ces of the producer, must come to life.

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