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Biography Anna Herman

Full name - Victoria Anna Herman was born February 14, 1936 in the town of Urgench in Uzbekistan.Her father - Eugen (the Russian manner - Eugene) Hermann was a German by birth, worked as an accountant.Anna's mother - Irma Mortensen, was a descendant of Dutch settlers, a teacher of German language.

When she was 1.5 years her father was arrested, accused of sabotage and espionage, and later he was shot (then, almost 20 years later, he was posthumously rehabilitated).This misfortune German family did not end soon die from the disease younger brother Ani - Friedrich.Mother and daughter are leaving to seek a better life.They often move from place to place, no one toured the Federal Republic of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia.

Soon Irma married her second husband - Polish by nationality.But their marriage does not last long.In 1943, he was killed in the war.But his Polish origin allows you to Anna and her mother move to Poland, where they settled definitively.

In Poland, Anna goes
to a school where learning is excellent.Especially good at it are the humanities and languages ​​- it is freely able to express themselves in German, Dutch, English and Italian.At the same time, the school began to show her creative talents - she loved to draw and sing.Anja even wanted to act in a creative school, but her mother asked her to choose a more mundane profession that could bring her real earnings.Therefore, Anna Herman, in 1955 he entered the University of Wroclaw, choosing as specialty geology.There

Anna not to lose their creativity, he begins to sing in amateur theater "pun", which gives a boost to her self-determination in the choice of future life path.

singing career
During his time in the student's initiative, where Anna sang popular songs, it was noticed and was invited to a small cabaret performances.Soon she began to go to concerts in the cities of Poland, speaking on smaller festivals.At one of these performances, she met the composer Jerzy Gerd, who began to write songs for her.

Serious young performer achieves success in 1963, when she won All-Polish Song Contest and won the international competition for the third place.After that, Anna Herman goes on tour in the USSR, where winning the sympathies of the Soviet audience.

But the real recognition comes after a speech at the festival in Sopot in 1964, where the German won the first place among the performers from Poland and the second among all the contestants.After this victory, she released her album and Anna went to tour.She attends concerts, many cities of the Soviet Union, Great Britain, USA, France, Belgium, the countries of Eastern Europe.Herman becomes a famous singer.Not only in Poland and the Soviet Union, but also in the capitalist countries.

In Poland, the common people loved her, but "own" it still does not consider calling the Soviet singer.After all, the vast majority of the songs, Anna takes in Russian, and performing style is totally different from the Poles adopted then.But in the Soviet Union to meet its "cheers", so it is written mainly in Moscow, and the Soviet Union, Anna acts more often than anywhere else.

In 1967, Anna goes to Italy.There, she is a runaway success: giving a lot of concerts, recorded a new album, starred in music videos.She was the first performer of the countries of the socialist camp, which stands at the famous festival in San Remo together with world famous, where she was awarded the prize "Oscar de la simpatia".Italian newspapers are full of pictures of her, talking about her as a rising new superstar.Anna in the seventh heaven, and nothing portends that things can drastically change ...

At the end of August 1967, Anna was traveling with an assistant to another Italian speech.Both were very tired and the driver fell asleep at the wheel.Their car raced along the motorway at high speed, was thrown over the fence.The driver, wedged between the wheel and the seat, received only minor scratches and damage, but Anna was thrown through the window and it flew a few dozen meters, hitting the rock.They only found a few hours later and taken to hospital.

Herman was not a living space on the body, it has been broken almost everything: arms, legs, spine ... She lay for several days in hospital without regaining consciousness.And doctors do not give any forecasts, it will survive or not.

But Anna would not be you if you would be so easy to give up.Three months after the terrible accident, she was allowed to transfer for treatment in Poland.She's from head to toe was "packed" in a cast that took only six months after returning home.Anna had to start all over again: walk, learning to do simple things, such as in your hand or a spoon handle.

But the thirst to live and work, as well as the support of close friends helped Anna Herman overcome this difficult stage in her life.And in 1970 it re-enters the scene.Her first concert after a long break in Warsaw, where the audience meets Anna half-hour standing ovation.Herman began to perform again.And since 1972, she began her tour.At the same time the first German sang specially written for her song "Hope."This song - the first work, executed in Russian Anna after recovery.And then the song gets the status of "folk."

Herman in 1970 marries with simple engineer from Poland Zbigniew Tucholsky.Their meeting took place at a time when Anna studied at the university, and the young specialist was sent to the Department of Zbigniew metallurgy to give lectures in Wroclaw.They met on the beach having a conversation, but Zbigniew urgently needed to leave, they left each other addresses and said goodbye.This casual acquaintance did not go out of my head of a young man and after some time, he again returned to Wroclaw and meets Anna.

Anna and her husband really wanted to have children.And in November 1975, she gave birth to a long-awaited son Zbyszek.Naturally, the concerts have been for some time pushed.Anna enthusiastically engaged in family, loved to cook for their men.

In 1980, fate once again gets hit Anna.At the Moscow concert in Luzhniki Herman suddenly becomes ill.After examination doctors put a disappointing diagnosis - cancer of sarcoma.Despite this, she does not want to have to cancel a planned trip to Australia and go there for a tour, which gives concerts across the continent.Immediately on his return to Warsaw German lies on the operating table, but doctors are already powerless to help - the disease has spread too fast and far.

Anne died in August 1982.She was buried in Warsaw evangelical cemetery.At her funeral gathered thousands of her fans and ordinary people, for whom the name of Anna Herman will always fanned by a halo of light, and her songs will forever remain in the hearts of millions.

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