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Vincent Cassel: Not Born Beautiful

Cinema and career - beginning

After uchilischaVensan was supposed to be an acrobat.But instead the young man chose teatralnyepodmostki arena.In 1991 he came to the set and took part in semkahfilma "Keys to Paradise."But this was only the beginning, because in 1993 one godudavny Vincent invited him to shoot the film "metiski."This film was oparnyah who lived in poor neighborhoods, so do not have the rights to future ibyli condemned the violation of the law.It is important that this film got premiyuna Cannes Film Festival (Best Director), as well as the prize "Cesar" of the French Academy (category "Film of the Year").Then Vincent and stalsamym popular actor among the young.Also, he was called a symbol molodezhnogonigilizma.After that, the actor tried his hand in various kinozhanrov.And chtosamoe importantly, it all turned out fine.For example, the role of a hero who heartbroken (romanticheskayamelodrama) - "Apartment".


In the film "The Doberman" akterprekrasno played gang leader under

the nickname Doberman.The film in question omalchike, who as a child gave the gun.So there was sudbarebenka he robbed the bank, and then together with his friends shot back otpolitsii.

«Doberman" - is kriminalnyyboevik which involves elements of "black humor".

1999 - actor played Rolv movie film "Jeanne D 'Arc".

In 2000, actor prinyaluchastie filming the mystical detective thriller "Crimson Rivers". But it is not looking all successful films, because of its plothad to cut a lot kolichestvostsen, including with Vincent. But despite this duo at the box office was the greatest actors of rabid amount.

Still later came the film (a mystical detective thriller), "Brotherhood of the Wolf." The film shows rassledovaniyanad terrible and monstrousmurder, which carries a monster like navolka - Beast of Gévaudan.

Four years gave pokoyafilm "Ocean's Eleven" and after it in rolling out the storyline, the developer of which was George Nolfi. The film was called "Twelve druzeyOushena." In thismovie Vincent Cassel played the role of Francois. Francois - etograbitel with a great professionalism, which in addition zanimalsyaesche and fraud.

2006 was a special dlyaaktera because he starred in another film - "Shaitan".This is not just a horror film, it was at least chernayakomediya.

successful was the work of actor Yves film "Feed for export," where he played a gangster from Russia Kirill.

later the movie "Enemy of the State" was osobopopulyarnym, since only the first five days of hire ogromnoekolichestvo collected funds.Incidentally, the film actor had to recover 20 kg and takzhedelat most of his own stunts.

On a personal

The actor has a lovely wife, who is also an actress, but not from France and from Italy.And the name eeMonika Bellucci.Getting Monica and Vincent was during the filming of melodrama "Apartment".Maybe that's why in life Vincent starring role yavlyaetsyarol loving husband and a caring father.

most interesting thing is that the house domVensana and Monica are not that different cities and raznyhstranah.That is the house of the actor in Paris, and the actress - in London.The paradox of the whole situation, according to the couple, helping them to keep their feelings in tone.

Typically, bolshinstvekartin actor starred family, but with the birth of her daughter Virgin etoprekratilos.Caring parents take turns watching that their dochrosla not only under the supervision of nurses, but also with their parents.

most interesting facts

  1. role of Jacques Merina, the movie "Enemy of the State" was given to Vincent easily, even despite the fact that he prishlosnabrat 20 kg of weight.
  2. Vincent Cassel on egorodine is the official voice of the King (in the romantic comedy HyuGranta).
  3. Vincent Cassel with Mo schitaetsyaodnoy of the most interesting couples.

Love Story

opisatistoriyu One can not love and Vincent Mo, because there are a lot of versions razlichnyhizdaniyah.

One thing is clear, they brought chtokinematograf.And as it turned out, everything was easy and even banal iochen simple.Imagine that on the set you need to kiss, play atakzhe explicit scenes and more.That's how people become lovers, the benefit that both actors on totmoment were single.In the film, Cassel got the role of human oderzhimogogeroiney Monica, as happened in my life.

But the actors have svoistrannosti.So, for example, Vincent Mo put before the fact, that each ofthem will have its own life and their partnership does not mean that it can be narushat.To have immediately been set boundaries and, most importantly, for the actor is bylonovshestvo, as he had previouslyI have not heard and did not expect to hear.Kasselyaporazilo that Mo at the time was no more than the Italian Provincial and thus was not until the end of any actress nimodelyu and more.Despite its enviable Monica zahotelarazgovarivat not a serious relationship.So while Mo was living there in Rome Ileana his flat in London, and an actor in Paris.

But Vincent, and it can not be stopped, so he took an active part in career Bellucci and prodvigalee is the French market, and then a couple of steel often invite nasemki.So for three years, the famous actor of a bohemian family pytalsyauboltat Mo marry him.But an accident, when the actor was vavtokatastrofu, changed everything.Monikazayavila that is best left a widow than a mistress.And another said, chtozhenschinam goes black.That's the black humor and the actress responded when questioned eenachali media.Even more interesting is the fact that immediately after the wedding, and the bride izhenih went home: the actor was in Paris, and Rome Monikaotpravilas.Of course, the audience instantly decided that their marriage izastavili guest actors explain.In response, followed logicheskoeobyasnenie.In this case, Mo said that is not priverzhenka marriage tie, so it is satisfied with this life at a distance, which gives marriage mnogovygody.For example, they do not have time to quarrel, to annoy each other and their strastne subsides.

couple pytalisrazluchit long time and when rumors of an impending divorce have reached the limit of Kassel and Beluchchiobyavili that are waiting for the firstborn.

When Monica was 45, they said they are waiting for their second child.Now, in an interview, and Monica and Vensangovoryat the family, not the star plans, priorities, and all of the pope and mamypomenyalis and their lives too.When Vincent was asked what he would do zaneskolko minutes before his death, he replied that he would take up with his love zhenoy.A the question of how Monica got out of postpartum depression, she onaotvetila that it is a merit of her husband.

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