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Sarah Bernhardt: "At all costs!"

Pervayaiz superstars

But the actress Iskra and other talents.For example, it stalaavtorom book "My double life", which was characterized by avtobiografii.Imenno using this book Sarah managed to further stoke the fire lyubopytstvalyudey.She could tell about many things, but still most of informatsiibyla covered with darkness, including the facts of his personal life.

aktrisybyla Jewish mother with Dutch roots - Judith Hart.The woman was very krasivasoboy, so she always had a considerable number of fans.But beauty is not only gave her vneshniyoblik and a profession - she was a musician.Father of actress was an ordinary engineer, his name was Edward Bernard.Hodyatsluhi But he could be a father and someone named Morel (the French officer morskogoflota).Interesting fact - Sarah Bernhardt when gave birth to their child, and hid his father.Son named Maurice.

Childhood and adolescence

Sarah was brought to the monastery, which is not okazalonuzhnogo influence as a future star of obedience and no

t nauchilas.Devochka since childhood, was quick-tempered nature and its different upryamstvom.Kogda future actress was released from the monasterythen she was in zatrudnitelnompolozhenii.Her life at that time was like a terrible thing, it is like a man thrown into the water, who can not swim, do not know what to do.

But young Sarah helped one of ordinary landlords YuditHart (her mother) - Count de Morny.Sarah was decided to send to the conservatory, which has helped it to appear on people and go out.And then "mop", as eenazyvali for the eyes, realized her dream daveshny - theater.

When the "mop" were taken to the theater, the then director of etogozavedeniya expressed some doubts about her career, as Sarah was incredibly skinny.But despite that, Nina, Sara still have, and being 18-letneydevchonkoy she played his first role.It was the debut dated 1 msentyabrya 1862.The success of the actress brought the tragedy of Racine ("Iphigenia in Aulis").

worth noting that critics have written about Sarah absurdity, they said it was sovershennonevyrazitelna.But this did not affect the actress, and she decided to live under the motto: "To whatever the cost."Strong, sometimes masculine character, and otchayannoemuzhestvo Sarah helped her.The actress left the House of Moliere and began to play in other, more modest theaters: "Gymnase", "Port-Saint-Martin", "Odeon".Why aktrisaushla from a good place?Yes, because I wanted to go back to the diva "Comedie Francaise" and show its full brilliance.

Job S. Bernard

Bernard have turned out very well perform the role related to the classical repertoire, taconite tried her starring Phaedra, Andromache, Desdemona, Zaire, etc.Hone their skills on the young heroines she pereshlak modern forms of drama.One of the most successful role was MargaritaGote ("The Lady of the Camellias" by Alexandre Dumas fils).

Sarah was a real triumph, for which she received brilliantyi other valuables from the fans.In order to avoid being stolen, it vsegdabrala a gun.The actress had different preferences: the theater, to ognestrelnomuoruzhiyu to jewelry.

Interesting facts obaktrise and her skill

In fact, few of the famous actresses togovremeni public, and today, played a number of male roles as Sarah.Etobyli transformation in Werther and Zanetti, after which it was entering into the role of Lorenzaccio, the most successful was the performance of the role of Hamlet, and of course, the famous L'Aiglon.It is worth noting that the role of Gamletaudalas so much that she was able to conquer even the Stanislavsky.

twentysomethings Eaglet, who was not the son of a known samymschastlivym father Napoleon Bonaparte, Sarah had a chance to play when at the time she had turned 55 years old.

When on stage the premiere of the drama of Edmond Rostand, encores counted about 30 pieces, which created a furor.The role was sygranav 1900.

strange, but it does not believe Stanislavsky schitalMaaru not a heroine, but rather the technical perfection of the time: a beautiful voice, diction perfected, plasticity, artistic taste.Sarah and tell drugieizvestny people.Public opinion has converged on the fact that Bernard much, right aosobenno clearly convey emotion on the stage and the man and hero sostoyanieradosti, moments of despair and grief, feelings of overwhelming happiness, but takzhenegativnye and terrible feeling instantly switch from fondling to rage - onavsegdaI could catch the most subtle feelings.Volonsky and did put it bluntly, that whisper, and his voice, and says the actress is famous.He also called her golden voice.Noted imimiku and other nuances that are unique to Sarah Bernhardt.

World Sarah

World Sarah Bernhardt treated differently.For example, Americans considered her visits and unfavorable compared with the actress snakes that came in order to dissolve the poison of lies.And in Russia with interest the Napoleonuv skirt.

ate the then browse the media, it becomes clear that vbolshinstve cases sensation was Sarah Bernhardt and only then novosti.Ee reports and other openings, its failures and defeats of applause, it was described.Kogdaaktrisa hit the road, then drove with her and another svitareporterov.

was not the same attitude toward Sarah and religious organizatsiy.Ona was the first star of having a world scale, so no one mogodnoznachno treat its success.

Sarah in life

If the actors on the stage alone, in life they should bytsoversheno other.So Sarah Bernhardt, she was always excellent, immaculately dressed, made up, move.But it has always been a kind of mask, and many said that onakrivlyaka.And all that she has, it's a lock of red in front, red curl behind the beautiful voice, but otherwise it remains artificial.But the point is that Sarah had to create their own self, Onan only play other people's images in the plays, it automatically makes himself: svoygolos, its type, its silhouette and sebyasamu in general.

first star of such magnitude affected the business started to produce with her name and soap and perfume and powder, and even gloves.


The actress had two husbands.The first was the Prince, who was rodomiz ancient French family.And the second was a colleague in the shop - an actor from Greece, featuring extraordinary beauty.It was the second husband of actress and brought novyeoschuscheniya in life and inspiration.

But Sarah - a strong woman and did not want to be someone's toy, so roused itself from the ashes, and did everything to at least achieve something: professionally engaged in painting, sculpture, composing songs with a funny story, funny plays andOther.Also Sarah Bernarpodnyalas into the sky in a balloon Giffard.

Sarah Often compared to Joan of Arc, and believed kolduneyi etc.

Life of Sarah Bernhardt took place quickly and with great uspehom.Ona swallowed her greedy gulps.So, when in 1914 she had amputirovatnogu, she did not feel sad, discouraged because - this is not her strong point.On the other hand, the actress continued to live full force and various life events up to 26 marta1923 years (until her death).At the funeral for what was then the "queen of the theater" prishlabolshaya part of Paris.It was there held last journey great and certainly talantlivuyuSaru Bernard.