Female bodybuilding exercises

To say that female bodybuilding woman turns a man into a kind of unfair.Female bodybuilders, decides what its ideal.If the goal - a beautiful body, tight stomach and a drop of cellulite, the number of classes per week will be enough!

If the goal - getting the title of Miss Olympia, then - is another matter.Just remember, ladies, that in order to win over even the most prestigious title is not necessary to spend an hour or two, and no, gently hugging the post, but much more time.Training and training again.It was only after a long and good load the body will acquire the competitive terrain.

But there is a way in short - the use of steroid hormones that promote muscle growth and ... hair on the face and body.The use of male hormones causes irreversible changes in the female body.One of the most dangerous female hormones - testosterone.From steroid hormones a woman's voice grows coarse, increased sweating, body odor becomes disgusting and sharp.It appears groundless irritability, nervousness, aggression.

In addition, synthetic hormones contribute to acne to worsen the condition of skin and hair color.Steroids slow down bowel provoke constipation, bloating.

Now you understand that it is the hormones of a woman doing a man, not a bodybuilding itself.If the prospect of change of sex does not appeal to you, the choice is made in favor of a healthy bodybuilding.Take yourself with love, without violence, and with pleasure go to the gym.To the first class not to faint from overload should contact the instructor.In addition, depending on what you see himself, the instructor will determine the type of exercise equipment, sequence and number of approaches to them.To increase the efficiency, pay special attention to the technical execution of each exercise.

requires very little load ahead of time, but do not stop at the minimum weight and number of repetitions.After six months, with the consent of the instructor can begin to increase the load.

It is believed that a slim figure - the result of frequent and long training.This is not quite true.Women to build beautiful figure quite gym 3 times a week, and duration of sessions should not exceed 60 minutes.Classes must be of good quality, thoughtful, serious and meaningful only if guaranteed success.Walking down the hall from the simulator to the simulator and the chatter of her friends will not make your body better.

Equally important is an integrated approach to training.It is not necessary to devote the entire day of training one muscle group, it is much more efficient to train all muscle groups each training day.Exercises for arms, legs, press, pectoral and other muscles in one day of training will lead you to the desired results.

Another plus in favor of women's bodybuilding: using resistance training, you can achieve a change in the form of pectoral muscles.A very important point: do not breast as such, but the chest muscles, on which are placed breast cancer.Similarly, selected workout will help form a proud posture, lift the chest, apparently improve the shape of the breast.

Female bodybuilding is one of the few ways that can help not just to throw off the extra weight, and achieve the desired shapes and slender body taut young skin in a short time.

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