A selection of fashion children's haircuts for boys and girls

Fortunately, things have changed, and pick a fashionable hairstyle for the boy can be without any problems, even without resorting to the hairdresser.However, for very conservative parents should explain why you need to pay much attention to children's hair.

Features children's haircuts and hairstyles:

  • In young children, the hair is very thin and weak.So do not try to grow a gorgeous head of hair.Nothing good will come of it, because the body is still not fully grown child to nourish the hair lengths.
  • Haircut "by zero" - is too radical option.The scalp is very sensitive in children, and the constant interference of clippers can not only cause irritation, but also damage the hair follicles.
  • Baby haircut should not be too complicated, complex strands or bangs.First, it is continuously growing hair will interfere with the child to play and do, and will require constant folding and trekking in a hairdressing salon to which a boy or girl simply may not be ready.

So should choose the universal option,

which will emphasize the individuality of your child and will not disturb the comfort of the active period.

most fashionable haircuts for boys

Below is a list of hairstyles for boys with photos to help you choose the right option for the child, taking into account the extent of its activity, especially facial and head shape.

«Bobrik," better known as "hedgehog."Recently, the peak of popularity of this hairstyle for boys passed, but it can rightly be considered the most universal, and it again became widespread.

This hairstyle looks neat and tidy, the hair does not get confused and do not climb into the eyes.In addition, it does not need special care and active kids will not feel uncomfortable moving games.However, because the hair in the "Hedgehog" clipped short enough, and if your boy is not quite the right shape of the head and protruding ears, it is better to choose a different hairstyle.

In the photo below you can see that "Bobrik" might look not only classical variant hairstyles for young boys, but at a certain installation can make it stylish and a bit frivolous.

«Caesar" for many parents will be a revelation.Yes, judging by the pictures - this is a common short hair with bangs, but that it is named after the famous Roman general.

It in some ways even more versatile than "Bobrik" as is suitable for all types of people."Caesar" has again become fashionable haircut for boys, because the hair remain approximately the same length and can be classically combed advance or by means of gel to make tough mohawk.

Haircut "Bob" for cool kids, because it is designed for longer hair.Other her name, more popular - "Under the pot."In the photo hairstyle can be seen that it is possible to dream up and make a direct or oblique bangs and long hair to choose according to your taste.

Haircut "Sharp strands" are very fond of the boys themselves.Its structure allows you to dream and to create a particular image.Constantly growing hair allow you to change a fashionable haircut, depending on the circumstances.

Photo children haircuts for girls

With the girls, things are much easier, there is a space for imagination and creativity.But do not forget that they are just as mobile as boys.Therefore, haircuts for girls must be chosen taking into account the active work of the child.The baby can be cut short ("a boy"), to make or keep the traditional bob hair long and decorate their ladder.The main thing to consider - is the ability to remove the hair in her hair, if necessary.

  • butch girls will look good up to a maximum of 12 years.And then the girl will decide to grow hair, or leave them short.
  • penalty suitable for almost everyone.And if you do not make it too short, it will be possible to braid the hair and make an unusual hairstyle.The main thing that penalty did not stop the games and do not require permanent installation.
  • ladder on the hair for those girls and moms who do not want to clean up the length of the hair.Especially because such children haircut for girls could look stylish and with her hair and braids, pins and rims.

The photo below shows the options that will look like your little princess with different types of hairstyles.

haircut "Kara»


haircut "a boy»

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