Christmas crafts kindergarten: Picture-applique cotton disks

Application of Cotton disk: winter picture workshop picture

This application combines the ease of performance, availability of materials and the beauty of the composition, so just perfect for children's crafts.


  • cotton pads;
  • cardboard blue color (ideally - holographic);
  • wool;
  • cotton swabs;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue.

are the steps of creating the image of the winter beauty of disks:

  1. start production of winter-image applications of cotton discs with fabulous white wood.Place it on a cardboard base close to the left edge.As a trunk for him choose a cotton swab, and the snow will crown him a cotton pad."Planting" our tree on cardboard with glue.
  2. Cut several disks in half and do the drifts of these halves, gluing them to the bottom edge of the cardboard base.
  3. hard to imagine a winter without a Christmas tree image.Therefore, our application will be guest of the forest.To make it bend a cotton pad in half, draw on it and cut Christmas trees silhouette.Expand the workpiece and glue it betw
    een the snow drifts near the trees.
  4. Winter picture does not look without trees.

  5. Now from the border below cotton pad thin cut with scissors month, from tiny pieces of wool forming snowflakes (or star - as you wish).Attach these parts of the picture on cardboard with glue - and a winter landscape ready!

Walkthrough creating a winter application of Cotton disk.

Snowman of cotton disks, master class with photos

can not do winter theme and without Snowman - constant character of Christmas stories and snowy resident households.


  • cotton pads;
  • PVA glue;
  • colored cardboard (blue, silver and black);
  • scissors;
  • glue "Moment";
  • ruler and a pencil;
  • wool;
  • beads (a pair of black and one red);
  • small buttons (three);
  • twig tree (thin).

Step by Step manufacturing snowman

  1. formulated a framework for our picture of silver (gray) board.To do this, we turn over a piece of cardboard and draw a rectangle on it, retreating to 2 cm from each edge.Two corners on this rounded rectangle - top right and bottom left.The middle of the cardboard cut out of the sheet.The resulting frame is pasted on a sheet of blue cardboard, which will be the basis for the application.
  2. turn to the hero of application - our snowman of Cotton disk will consist of five parts: a head, two arms, torso and lower.The CD, which will be used as the head, make a little smaller in diameter and a little cut off from him at one edge of the arc, to avoid overlap with the body.And also received the body, cut edge to it did not impose on the lower part.Discs, of which we will do hands snowman, cut no more than 3 cm in diameter.
  3. With adhesive glue all blank snowman to the cardboard and make him a hat, a bucket of black cardboard.To do this, cut out of cardboard with a length of a trapezoid base and the top 5 cm to 3 cm and glue it to the snowman head with white glue.
  4. Clay "moment" attach to the head of a snowman black beads in the form of eye red bead - a nose and buttons on the body.
  5. «We put a" snowman from cosmetic cotton disks in the snow, made from pieces of wool in one of the hands "insert" the broom of twigs.

Optionally, you can give a hand-made article status winter paintings made on the back of two paper tabs and dragging them into yarn for knitting.

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