Christmas crafts 2015 with his own hands out of paper a year Green wooden Goats

Christmas crafts with their hands
: the brightest ideas

still remain relevant smelling childhood paper garlands - color, colorful, accordion, butterflies, snowflakes, stars, on a string or chain.They will create a special, fun atmosphere.In this place, such decorations can not only on the tree, but also to door and window openings, the walls and across the room.

Making Christmas garlands of colored paper with his own hands

can also do fun crafts for the New 2015, in the form of Christmas tree decorations.One of the most original version of New Year's craft - heirlooms.To decorate the Christmas tree so unusual toys made of paper blank you liked the form, and place the photo in the center of all your family members.In the role of unusual Christmas decorations can also perform multi-colored paper balls, made in different ways, or boxes (out of matches, paper clips, etc.), wrapped in colorful wrapping paper or foil and tied with bright ribbon on the similarity of the present.

The original paper toys on the Christmas tree with his hands.

order to honor the mistress 2015 year, we can make Christmas crafts with their hands in the form of a lamb.You will need quite a bit: a piece of cotton wool, newspaper, PVA glue, colored paper, wooden sticks and masking tape.First crumpled paper and form it into a ball, which is wrapped with duct tape.In the finished body lamb Do the 4 holes (leg), fill them with glue and insert them into sticks.Now, from the wool we will do our lamb coat, which roll up into small pieces of cotton wool balls and thick, as close as possible to each other, glue them to the body.Then glue the front torso muzzle of colored paper, draw or pasted eyes, nose and mouth.

Make Christmas gifts with their own hands.

Crafts for the New Year - a master-class with Photo

offer you a very beautiful version of the crafts for the New Year 2015 in a cardboard house.


  • paperboard;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • thin twigs (you can use pencils and brown);
  • bumps;
  • foam;
  • wool;
  • clearcoat.

Make a New Year

Step by step instructions on making a New Year's house from a cardboard:

  1. Please do cube made of cardboard, which make slits in the form of windows.From the same board is being built on the roof of the house.
  2. for greater realism can be further redecorated house wall branches or pencils.The roof can paste over scales of cones, which are very well mimic the shingles.Additionally, decorate a house with cotton or foam balls, symbolizing the snow.
  3. Ready house coat layer lakaTakaya original articles for the New Year will make your holiday even cozier and warmer.

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