Gift mother with his hands: hack-daisy of cotton disks

Beautiful gift mom with their hands can do just improvised, by all means available.For example - from the cotton discs, which today is in every house.We offer you a simple master-class on making a nice surround the flower of cotton disks in the form of a daisy.

Chamomile of cotton disks: a master class


  • cotton pads double - 8-9 pcs .;
  • white thread;
  • PVA glue;
  • watercolors.

Step by Step creation of daisies Cotton disk

  1. begin with petals that make harvesting as follows: Fold the edge of the disc is one-third, and then - the opposite end so as to obtain something like a plastic bag or a cone.Narrowed workpiece edge anchoring thread, wound him so that he does not unfolded.Likewise, forming 7-8 petals.
  2. At first, do the petals of daisies for enough 7-8 pieces.

  3. to hack our daisy of Cotton disk was really similar to its prototype, using threads connect the ends of all pieces together.At the same time attach blank petals to each other in such a way to get round.To do this, fasten the last petal of the entire chain of workpieces fastened to th
    e first by the same thread.Please note that you need to spread the petals curved edges up.
  4. All the petals of a daisy want to associate with a thread

  5. Now go to the formation midway daisies.It is in this yellow flower, so to bring your original gift this mother with his hands to this daisy, divorce yellow paint and dip it in a cotton pad.Gently press the painted workpiece center and dry well.Then place a large adhesive and glue it to the main piece.
  6. End daisy necessary formation midway.

Ready crafts daisy of cotton disks can be present in the form of bulk cards or as a bouquet, "planted" on the stalk.

Postcard from cotton disks, master class with photos


  • cotton pads double;
  • colored paper (green);
  • clay;
  • colored cardboard (blue);
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors.

Step by Step creation of daisies Cotton disk

  1. Prepare a cardboard foundation for our present mom with his own hands, which cut off half of the cardboard sheet and have it cut out of a large oval.
  2. of colored paper cut out three thin stem and 3-4 leaves.To have the latest volume appeared, gently bend them in half.Ready stems and leaves are glued to a cardboard blank with an adhesive.
  3. Skip to main emphasis crafts - Daisies of the cotton discs.Fold in half and drives incision edge in the form of chamomile, a little before reaching the center.For added convenience, you can pre-apply cutting lines with a pen or pencil.
  4. of balls of clay to form the midway flowers and place them on a blank daisies, lightly pressing down.
  5. Ready daisies stuck to the stalks.

For greater effect, for such cards can be also framed.For example - a modular origami.

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