Gift mother with his hands: crafts, rose from the cotton discs, master class with photos

We offer you an unusual master class on making crafts "Roses from the cotton discs."Bouquet of such original colors can not only be a part of home decoration, but also a perfect gift, for example - my mother.

Roses from cotton disks, master class with photos


  • cosmetic cotton discs;
  • twisted pair wire;
  • thin copper wire;
  • dye cloth (can also be used to paint Easter eggs or gouache);
  • thread green thickness of at least №40
  • Melt Adhesive;
  • scissors.

Step by Step

  1. To begin the process of making flowers from the stems, cut this wire to the desired number of roses of which will be our gift to my mother with his hands (at the rate of 35-40 cm per flower).
  2. Forming of these segments with a sprig stem separating the top two wire stems about 10 cm long. Tu vein that will twig with leaves, in addition to bare the wire and attach to it a thin wire in the form of branches, after which the leaves attach.
  3. blanks leaves cut out of the same wadded disks, dip them in a solution of green paint and d

    Cut leaves from wool and paint them.

  4. now move on to manufacture the most beautiful part of crafts - the rose of cotton disks.Prepare a mixture of dyes (red, yellow - your choice) and poppy petals in a future flowers.To achieve more natural color tab, you can further blur them under running cold water.

    Gently form a beautiful rosette of a cotton disc.

  5. little fingers pressed onto the disks alternately spread on a streak that would stem flower, folding and fixing adhesive Melt each lepestochek around a bud.For beautiful roses will be enough to drive, use 6-7 petals.The advantage of wet cotton disks that are very malleable, so they are easy to operate, giving the desired shape petals - they can stretch, bend the edge.Ready anchoring bud on the stem thread and leave to dry.

    Petals and buds are mounted on the wire

  6. Ready flower stalk with swathes of green thread, capturing and bottom formed buds, leaves and decorate.Leaflets can be "planted" on the wire intended for them as follows: disclose each leaf along one side half, put in a wire smeared with glue, fold and fasten the result of pressing of the halves.

    We attach the flower with the help of natural green skin.

  7. As a final touch, you can use hairspray Glitter, sprinkled them resulting rosebuds.So flower gift mom with their hands will look more impressive.

Forming a bouquet, do not try to achieve the perfect color combination of the petals, as in nature roses with exactly the same color of the petals do not happen.Mix and match colors and shades in a bouquet - and your gift will be appreciated!

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