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How to teach a child to kindergarten?

Parents who are planning to visit a child in the future of the garden should be aware that adaptation - is a natural and logical process.The kid has to get used to the new regime, people requirements.

Another thing is that this adaptation of some is too painful: the baby, not wanting to part with Mom and Dad, hysterics at home, and she can go on all day.After taking the baby out of the garden, instead of her smiling and obedient crumbs, parents observe hysterical, stubborn and depressed kid.Against the background of constant stress may even decrease the immune system, and crumb starts to hurt constantly.

In addition, parents, resulting crumbs into the garden, they saw that other children can safely go to the group, active and informative spend the whole day in the garden and evening with my parents.And naturally ask: what's the secret?

Above all, parents should know that if the child is the only one in the family, too much care at home, dependent on mom and unsure of himself, most of all, its adaptati
on to the garden will be difficult.Because for these kids better start preparing for Sadik for six months until the moment when he crossed its threshold.What is she like?To start

maximum expand the social circle of his child.Most visited children's parks, developmental activities, swimming pool.Take your baby with you when attacks on nature, going to the store or to visit and gradually accustom him to interact with people of different genders, ages and positions.Try to keep the crumbs often play on their own.Tell a story, watch a movie or a cartoon about a kid kindergarten.Play it explain the appointment of the garden.Without further details, tell me what is the place where kids play while parents work.In no case do not discuss the garden in a negative way, do not blame teachers when a child, but also to extol too not worth it.

matter before the first visit is to adjust your child's treatment by the one adopted in the garden, teach him how to feed himself, get dressed, go to the toilet.A good idea may be to attract the baby to choose a new wardrobe for the garden.

the initial stages of adapting better to prefer a gradual accustomed, when the baby is left in the garden for a few hours a day, every week, adding to the residence time of a few hours.At every opportunity the baby praise, saying how he has grown and how he likes to walk in the garden - children are easily suggestible.

When the baby starts to fully visit the garden in the morning, try to be always in a good mood.Do not give out your feelings and concerns to the child.Come always on time and try to establish a relationship of trust with the staff of the garden.Saying goodbye, smiling and talking about when you return it for the baby: after sleeping, after eating, after a walk, etc.Since he can give a favorite toy or sweets.

But even the most trained and obedient kid adaptation may take some time.To this we must be ready to take calmly and patiently.Scarce need time to get used to.Support him, and after a couple of months you will not even notice how your baby will be happy to run into the garden, will lead the new friends will be proud to wear the first home crafts.

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