Choose an equestrian club.
very important to start training with professional coaches on well-trained horses, especially if before that you never sit in the saddle, or attempts were unsuccessful.The more club than he successfully, the more likely that you will go in safe hands.This does not mean that small private clubs are not worthy of your attention, just to gather information and feedback on the smaller establishments can be very difficult.Do not rush into the first recorded.Well, if you have highlighted a day, and you will pass by different organizations that offer similar services.Well, if you do not forget to take a few apples, pieces of sugar to treat cute animals.
Pay attention to the conditions in which animals are kept, how they are treated, they do not look tired, sick, and very thin.If something suspicious to you, look for another location for the recovery.Ride a weak animals - small pleasure.

Talk with the coach and find out what they offer to customers of your level of training, as last
session, how much it costs, how to pick up the horse, they provide security.If you can not choose between several clubs, sign up for a trial lesson so you will understand quickly where you like more.

begins to engage.

You should know that after the first class, your muscles will give a signal of extreme fatigue.Therefore take only hours lessons for the first time, until you get used to the stress.
One of the most important moments - familiarity with the horse.Do not make sudden movements, fits only with the shoulder, it is desirable to treat.Speak in a low voice calm, call the animal by name and give him a sniff themselves.The more successful will be your first encounter, the easier it will be and further studies.
You should know that the characters of horses and ponies are different.Coney more playful, jealous, and can be aggressive, especially if it is something not like it.Castrated horses - geldings, much quieter, but they are not toys.Horses can be jealous of other animals, may be the character for a while.Patience and sincere love for these wonderful animals will help you overcome any difficulties.

carefully listen to the coach and watch his actions.In the future, you have to wear all the equipment itself, to communicate with animals.Do not try to act without the advice of a specialist, unless you know what you're doing.In no case do not yell at the animal and do not beat it, even if you do not like something.Do not try to go into a canter, if you just sat in the saddle, first learn to hold on when the horse goes at a slow pace or run trot.

Regular exercise will give you a sense of confidence.You learn to stay in the saddle may perform any tricks.Also a good time, playing in the equestrian club help you correct your posture and get a charge of vivacity.Therefore, depression and pain you left behind.And maybe you will attain great success itself become a coach or even the hostess of this club.

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