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Collect crumbs in school

things that should be available:

  • School supplies.As a rule, most schools provide a list of school supplies that will be needed to your kid in the school year.Depending on which class your child to learn, the list can include pencils and sketchbooks, or pens and notebooks for different activities.
  • Wall Calendar.Calendar in the kitchen, computer or mobile phone to help you always remember the important events in the school, whether the control, training in the sports section, a rehearsal for the holidays or other school vicissitudes.
  • Required clothing.Look in the closet of their child and make a list of only the necessary things to update.A look at the style of a child is changing very quickly, depending on what the other kids go.It's best to buy clothes in a week or two after the start of the school year.One tip: a good idea to let your child to choose clothes for the first day of school.
  • Shoes.Start the new school year with the purchase of high-quality sturdy shoes for children.If your child of ph
    ysical activity, make sure that he also had high quality shoes or sneakers.
  • Backpack.Look knapsack, which parameters will not be too big and heavy for your student.Remember that the backrest should be orthopedic and belts - are covered with a special cloth.
  • chest for lunch.If your child takes to school food, let him to choose for her chest.It will only add positive emotions kid in school readiness.
  • Clock.Buy your student is easily customizable alarm clock, and teach him to use it.
  • school meals.Stock up on fruits, whole grain breads, yogurt and low-fat meat, ie those foods that b able to provide your child with enough energy during the day.You can cook and freeze a couple of dinners and for a week just to warm them.It's a little bit easier the first week of the school year for you.
  • Store checks.Even with a list of things to shop, you can make mistakes: do not buy such a notebook or a pen.Make yourself envelope, which will be putting checks on goods.It is at the same time help you control costs and facilitate a refund or replacement product.

What else do you need to check:

  • dress code.Before purchasing school uniforms, ask the school about their dress code acceptable.Some schools ban on expensive accessories or frilly clothes.
  • vaccines.Check in any immunization needs your pipsqueak for the new school year, and then do the verification.Children of different ages need different vaccines, especially since vaccination schedules are updated frequently.Make sure that you receive the updated form of the vaccine, which should take you to school.
  • physical condition of the child.After routine immunization, you must also pass a medical examination.In any case, the school requires the conclusion of doctors on the health of schoolchildren, because today it is an important criterion for drawing up training loads.
  • update contact information.If it happened that you have changed residence, mobile or home phone number, place of work - you should submit this information to the school, in all circumstances you can establish communication.
  • medical records.Make sure that the school nurse informed about the health of your child, and the presence of diseases such as diabetes, asthma or allergies.So it will always be able to monitor his health and illness, and to provide good medical care, if you happen wrong.
  • open communication.If in any way the behavior will affect the performance of your student, you must have a connection with the teacher and the class teacher to discuss their decisions.If you find the cause of the rebellion together - you will be easier to correct the situation.

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