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Private kindergarten: "FOR" and "AGAINST"

Trying to solve the problem of kindergartens, the Ministry of Education has allowed different types of pre-school institutions: preschool educational institution, non-governmental educational institution, group short stay, group child care.

Private kindergartens have become full participants in the pre-school community.Each private garden just opened its site on the Internet, where it is very colorful and tasty paints wonderful life of the pupils.Naive parent to read about the sweet life in this garden, and decides to give to their child.But later, may emerge and unpleasant facts hidden leadership.

Conditionally all private kindergartens can be divided into three types.

first kind of the most successful. Man teacher education becomes a businessman (business - woman) and private kindergarten opens at the former state kindergarten.In principle, this is a state kindergarten in the same building, with the same staff as only the changed status and parents pay the money for the maintenance of the chil

d is not the municipality, and the director - founder.Payment is considerably greater than in the simple garden but also quality maintenance of children are better.A big plus of this type of kindergarten, that space is already adapted to the maintenance of children of sanitary norms, by the meter, for light, for equipment groups on arrangement of the closed area around the garden, etc.Since this is a big kindergarten, consequently, control over it is carried out by the SES.It is mandatory for all employees have health books, a medical examination is carried out every six months.This garden is always present nurse and a doctor.Pass routine examination of children by different specialists, performed chart vaccinated.The educational process is adjusted, classes are held regularly.

entire teaching staff has pedobrazovanie and works in GEF.

second type of private kindergarten acceptable, but not desirable. When someone decides to go into business, buys or rents a small room, it makes the repair or bring some equipment and hires people often do not have pedobrazovaniya.Usually it turns a small kindergarten with 1-2 groups of 5-8 people each.Groups often mixed in age.The cooking process can deal with people without proper qualifications.The educational process is virtually absent, or are not talking at the proper level.Frequent violations of the regime highlights not just sat down to breakfast, they do not go to bed on time or did not go for a walk.Accounting by the district for work educators virtually none.Each to himself.Payment for a kindergarten are lower than for non-governmental educational institution.But the demand is less.Do health workers have books of this institution, too, question.How is the regular cleaning of the premises as washing dishes?

third type of private kindergarten at all for desperate parents , who are willing to attach their child somewhere, if only to take.This group of children's stay in a private apartment.The good kind aunt takes to his 5-7 kids and looking after them all day.Payment in this case is the most democratic.Most of these groups are working illegally, without the control of everything and everyone.Giving a child "at least where" parents are at risk.One woman is looking after children, she also cooks, she also washes the dishes.The conditions under which this takes place, no one knows.On the educational process can be forgotten.Children are busy playing all day and sometimes walk, sometimes they read a book.Preparation for school speech there.If there will be any conflict or trauma in the child, asking not to be with someone.

Parents must be very serious approach to the selection of pre-school institutions.If in the morning the child runs a kindergarten, and in the evening does not want to go home, so the choice is made correctly.