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Bribes in school.

Basically, teacher training institutions such poboryotozhdestvlyayut with the concept as "the needs of the school."Be that as it may, the fact remains that, like the collection of funds is completely illegal.Worth obratitvnimanie that school leadership, responsible for order in the institution nepredprinimaet measures, and on the contrary, gives its full consent, citing the fact that the state does not have adequate financial support.

Note that this does not justify these actions related to the fleecing of parents.Unfortunately, like extortion denegdostatochno common in today's schools, but to fight this all zheneobhodimo.To the delight of many parents no longer remain silent, vykladyvayadengi on the table.

Where zheuhodyat money in the school, for which he will be charged with the parents?

It is worth noting that, in any school facility svoiosobennye nuances, but if you look at things in general, one problem:

Suschestvuetneky introductory contribution to the needs of first-graders schoo


In certain number of schools, especially in kotoryeraspolagayutsyaelite areas to arrange your child to school, you want to be sure to pay, as it is called, the entrance fee.But chastovstrechayutsya where such payment only to give the child vozmozhnostpoprobovat themselves in entrance examinations.And successful completion - rebenokpostupaet, and if not, then - alas.Typically, in such a situation popadayutlyudi living in remote areas of the school.

However, these measures are taken completely illegal.If it so happened that in this school, there are places to take prostoobyazany child, without passing all sorts of tests.Soglasnozakonu, at school, in primary school conduct any examinations is not specified, or simply prohibited.Thus, according to the law, the school eslimest not, under any circumstances, take extra uchenikanikak fail.

How does obrazommozhno find out whether there are these places?It is necessary to adhere to such advice on how to handle the school only through official channels, a request in writing pismennoyforme that ask for the first class to enroll your child at obuchenie.Ne should lead with the head of school no oral conversations and negotiations, as vsluchae which, from the evidenceyou will not.Notify the school teachers that you are waiting for an answer in the same writing.In any case, even esliotvet is negative, with this document, you can find out lisvobodnye place in given educational institution.

Zanyatiyadopolnitelnogo nature

Another popular way of defrauding money from their parents pripomoschi additional classes in the form of various circles and the different sections.First and foremost is to clarify whether there is a school institution license irazresheniya appropriate conduct these activities.

Podderzhkav school repairs and purchase of basic necessities for school

This method of collecting funds from parents is also vochen popular list.Go to a meeting or going to pay or not, is angling to be counselors and to you.It is important to remember that your child is, of course, not exclude, if you do not pass the money, because nobody imeetpodobnogo law.It is worth noting that if you do decide to hand over the money nanuzhdy, remember that you should not give money from hand to hand.Any obrazovatelnoeuchrezhdenie has a checking account, which implies osuschestvlyatperevody different nature, where you can get your payment dokumentalnoepodtverzhdenie.

As for school, she, in turn, is obliged at the request pervomuvashemu provide you with a detailed account of the costs incurred.Moreover, any expenditure should be fixed commodity and cash register receipt, account orderamii etc.In this case, this report is very important because with it roditelismogut control where their money went.If this fact neproiskhodit, it follows that such charges are simply illegal.And you, at the same time, have every right not to hand over the money.

Vypusknoyvecher and ball in honor of the New Year

lot of topics currently developed, otnositelnotogo, what expenses include evenings spent at the school.But stoitzametit, prom and a number of snaps with anything else.Spending on discharge in grade 11 simply stunning, paranormal.Statistikaproshlogo year for our country, says that on average, about to give up the ball provedenievypusknogo about ten thousand Rubel.Kazhdyysoglasitsya that, on average, if the estimate is obtained enough round the amount for which you can play the whole wedding, and quite decent.

A way out of this situation is simple.Very vazhnozablagovremenno discussed at the parents' meeting the amount that vyopredelilis take, because everyone should consider the possibility roditelya.Ved for someone ten thousand so, a trifle, but for some it tseloesostoyanie.Perhaps everyone will have to give up the event water of the trendy and expensive restaurants, moving celebration in the less expensive cafe.

is important to remember that you can do and have full pravootslezhivat your overall spending money.It is better to be safe from dishonest parents, karmanahkotoryh often part of the total money lost.


Gifts for events such as New Year, Women's Day, Denuchitelya and September 1st.Almost all schools is arranged so that all uchiteleypozdravlyayut with such a significant event.Lovely modest bouquet skonfetami today has clearly nepodoydet.Today, the value of gifts ranging from a few thousand or more.But be that as it may, you decide.The thing is absolutely voluntary.

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