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Lady of the Camellias - Greta Garbo

Greta Louise Gustafsson was born September 18, 1905 in Stockholm, not just the poor, but in a poor working class family.He was the youngest of three children whose parents had a hard time able to give to the school.And then just a few years.Therefore Greta forever remain illiterate, poorly considered and nurtured interest in reading.Greta is not very fond of remembering childhood.He behaved as if she did not have any relatives.Only after the death of Garbo learned that her mother and older brother for many years lived in the United States.Over the years since Greta never with them and not met.She, being a famous movie star and a rich woman, did not help the mother and brother to settle in America, are not supported financially.However, they it is never accessed.

In fifteen years, Greta Gustafsson worked in a dry goods store, where she saw a rich aristocrat Max Gampel, who became her first husband.Together, they lived very long.To the great surprise of Max, she filed for divorce, Greta.Her husband, she

explained that she was "just tired" and Gampelov family lawyer said that he had no property claims.

Greta Gustafsson never wanted to link their lives with art.But if there is an opportunity to make money - it did not refuse.At seventeen Greta posing in fashionable hats for the women's magazine.When film director Maurice Stiller caught these pictures, he offered Greta star in a small role."The girl in the hat" took this proposal with interest.And only when she learned that filming for paying more than pose for the photographer, agreed.

Maurice Stiller invited her to take the alias "Garbo": it sounded exotic, in contrast to the folksy "Gustafsson."Stiller wanted to see Greta in Hollywood and for that it has organized a trip to the festival, held in Constantinople.There's a young Swede representatives noticed a major US film company MGM.Greta and Stiller were invited to the United States and signed a contract with them for two films.However, after the shooting of the two films Greta has continued to shoot other directors.And Stiller after just received a salary under the contract and toiled around.Garbo immediately became a star.But Stiller has suffered, being unclaimed in the United States, but can not return home, afraid to part with Greta Garbo.

During the filming of "Flesh and the Devil" met Greta Garbo and John Gilbert.Gilbert was the highest-paid and most popular actors in Hollywood and had a reputation as a ruthless smoothie.But his heart he gave Greta Garbo almost the first day of shooting.Gilbert was able to look beautiful.Garbo showed indifference to all his follies.Especially surprising was for Gilbert and all others, when at the end of filming Greta moved in with him.Maurice Stiller suffering, jealous, eventually scandal - and was ejected from the studio.At the MGM has long dreamed to get rid of the unlucky beautiful Galatea Pygmalion - Garbo.What was needed was a pretext, and here she Garbo demanded that it be protected from the obsessive fan.Stiller was sent to Sweden, where he washed down with grief and died.When he was found dead in his hands was clamped Photo Greta.Adolescent bask in fashionable hat.Greta did not react to the news of the death of Stiller.Her romance with Gilbert had just been in full swing.And happy Gilbert did not know that and it relationship with Garbo would be disastrous.Greta agreed to marry Gilbert, he was even appointed wedding day.But on the eve of the wedding the bride left the house of Gilbert - and simply vanished.In Hollywood, she returned when the passion of her escape subsided a bit.She never explained the reasons for his action.But Gilbert did not want to even talk.

John Gilbert was in despair.Trying to console his best actor Louis Meyer, head of the studio MGM, Gilbert said: "Yes, all the better, mate!Slept with beauty - and even do not have to get married! "Gilbert responded to these cynical words unwise, he struck the head of film company in the jaw, so much so that knocked him to the floor.Outraged Meyer has done everything to destroy John Gilbert.The actor is no longer given roles.In 1929, he married actress Ida Claire, but lived with her for a year.He and ne.smog forget Greta Garbo.Greta was like a drug, destructive sweet poison: can you hate and still going to ask for.Unable to bear the separation from Garbo, Gilbert began to drink and died of alcoholism at the age of thirty-seven years.

marriage with Gilbert Garbo preferred affair with a woman: the famous poet and scriptwriter Mercedes D'Akosta.At the first meeting of the Mercedes she could not take her eyes off the enthusiastic beautiful face Swede.While Greta could not take her eyes off the heavy gold bracelet with sapphires on a hand Mercedes.Noticing this, the Mercedes with the generosity of true love took off the bracelet and put it into the hands of Greta.Greta generally accepted gifts with undisguised pleasure, Mercedes and tried to guess her every desire.Although the Garbo was much richer Mercedes responses gifts she never did.She is simply not occurred.Garbo found it quite natural that she was worshiped as a goddess.Greta had planned to relax a bit during the break between filming the two films, and Mercedes invited her to his secluded mansion on Lake Sil-ver-Lake, where they spent six weeks together.Mercedes was happy and at the same time - disappointed.Intellectual, creative personality, Mercedes D'Akosta one of the major pleasures of life considered conversation.Greta was also generally taciturn, and when I open my mouth - it turned out that all thoughts are commonplace beauties interests - carnally limited.Mercedes could not believe that her idol actually has neither developed intelligence or sensitivity.But for several decades trying to "unravel the mystery of Garbo."The personal diary, published after her death, Mercedes D'Akosta bitterly admitted to herself: "In my heart arose a feeling of a non-existent person.My mind sees reality - a man-servant girl from Sweden, a person who is touched with the love of the creator, interested only in money, property, health, food and sleep.Yet this person is deceptive, and my soul is trying to bring its image into something that does not accept my mind.Yes, I love her, but I love the way I have created, rather than a specific person of flesh and blood "Mercedes D'Akosta introduced Greta Garbo with Marlene Dietrich.Greta became interested in the well-known German woman, learning that she is very adept at love.And most importantly - incredibly generous with his mistresses.And Mercedes has done everything to Garbo and Dietrich met."I will give to you in bed, anyone you wish!And not because I'm not like you, but because I love with all my heart, oh, my beautiful! "- Wrote the Mercedes in a letter to Greta.By the way, the novel two movie stars are not given: Dietrich was certainly generous, but was spent mostly on white roses, while Garbo would have preferred something more substantial.And Dietrich in bed she was disappointed.

with Cecil Beaton, a British aristocrat and court photographer of the royal family, is also introduced Greta Mercedes.It happened in May 1932, shortly after the filming of "Queen Christina" Garbo ascended above all the stars of cinema.Until now, Beaton was refused all attempts to persuade him to pose Garbo.But when they were introduced to each other Mercedes, Greta did not consider it necessary to withhold his beloved friend in such things as the photo.When they sat on the terrace, Greta took tea rose from a vase, put it to her cheek.As later recalled Beaton, tanned and flushed after a long walk Greta skin color and silkiness was a hair's breadth as the rose.Then the flower raised up and said, "That's a rose that lives, dies and disappears forever."Garbo kissed a rose and handed it to Beaton.He arid flower in her diary, and then hung in a frame from his bedside.Beaton kept this rose to his death, and after the famous flower was sold at auction for 750 pounds - a record for that time!They became lovers.Mercedes D'Akosta suffered and jealous, desperate wrote poems and slipped under the door of Greta.But to no avail: Greta opted Beaton.

Being a true artist, Cecil Beaton especially sharply felt beauty.And the beauty of the woman he loved - in the first place.He made a lot of great photos that are most liked Greta.He also left some wonderful literary sketches "His smooth languid movements, it is more like a panther or a mermaid, and let her tall, with large hands and feet - there is something in its appearance from the elf."It was not long, and Beaton, like Mercedes, stopped idealizing Greta.He wrote in his diary: "It is nothing and no one particularly cares.It is unbearable, as an invalid, and as selfish and totally unprepared to reveal himself to anyone.She'll be zanudlivym companion, she is superstitious, suspicious, and she did not know the meaning of "friendship."Loving it too is unable to. "But even soberly assessing it, Beaton was never able to "root out" Garbo of his soul.For the first time their relationship did not last long.Beaton made a mistake - Greta offered to become his wife.Greta said, not just a failure, but a complete rupture of relations.For her, such proposals were heard as an attack on her personal life, she zealously guarded.

In 1936, during the filming of the movie "Winning", which played Greta Maria Walewska, the beautiful Polish girl, fell in love Napoleon, the actress had a pretty serious affair with the great conductor Leopold Stokowski.In summer, they went together to travel to Italy, there was talk even about their upcoming wedding.But Stokowski prefer millionaire Gloria Vanderbilt.He's the only one with apparent ease to discontinue the drug, called Garbo.

In 1941 Greta Garbo starred in his latest and very unsuccessful movie "Two-Faced Woman."In thirty-six years she left the cinema was closed in his New York apartment, refusing to accept guests and to give interviews.The only one Greta allowed into their lives, the couple was Schlee.These were her neighbors, the Russian emigres.George Schlee, a famous lawyer, gave Garbo financial advice is always correct.And his wife Valentina, the famous dressmaker, she sewed.Together they protect the peace movie star who, sensing the beginning of aging, became even more closed and only came out to the street in sunglasses.His retreat Garbo broke in 1946, suddenly appeared on the bohemian party.There she met with many old friends, including - Cecil Beaton.They had not seen for fourteen years from the time of his short novel.She was forty-one years, he - forty-three.Her beauty faded.But Cecil Beaton Greta was still irresistible, the most beautiful.He begged her for a date - and she agreed to meet him again.They walked in Central Park were endless conversations.Greta Garbo, silent and secretive, suddenly became talkative and very frank with Beaton.Once she said to him: "My bed is narrow, cold and chaste.I hate it ... "Then Beaton immediately made her an offer of marriage.And, oddly enough, Garbo agreed.

Beaton and Garbo did not announce the upcoming wedding, but all the bohemians quickly found out about it.Beaton was confident inviolability his present happiness.Greta agreed to pose for him again, however, taking with him a word to anyone not to show these pictures: Garbo did not want fans have seen her forty years.But the photos turned out delicious.Beaton wanted the whole world to know that his favorite is still beautiful.He made a fatal mistake during a trip to Sweden Greta gave pictures magazine "Vogue".On hearing this, Garbo stopped all relations with Beaton.And when a few years later was replaced by anger at the mercy, the Cecil admitted to himself only as a friend, who was allowed to give her all kinds of services.Unhappy Beaton was happy to have it.However, in 1959 he married June Osborne, the widow of the pianist Franz Osborn.But Greta Garbo still remained his one true love, and the focus of all his thoughts.

All those years of hard for yourself Cecil corresponded with Mercedes D'Akosta also suffer separation from Garbo, and dreaming to return.Mercedes - was already seriously ill - regularly sends Garbo gifts, which she took without the slightest expressions of gratitude, never even answered a note, not that visit.Greta called Mercedes, only when she was alone, ill and felt helpless.Spouses Schlee gone from her life: George died, and Valentine left New York.

But Mercedes, she was old and sick, rushed on the first call.She found the doctors and nurses, did not depart from bed Greta.But it was expelled as soon as Garbo began to recover.Mercedes D'Akosta died in 1968 after a long and painful illness, moving several operations on the brain.It is up to the end to maintain clarity of mind and waited until the end.But Garbo did not visit her, she did not write a single card to the hospital, did not even come to the funeral.When he died in 1980, Cecil Beaton, Greta also did not want to disturb his solitude for the funeral and even sent flowers to his grave.Greta Garbo herself died April 15, 1990, alone, which for so long and diligently sought.Actress wished to be cremated and buried in Stockholm.However, there were a number of legal complexities - and the urn with the ashes of Garbo nine years was kept in the burial office in New York.When the question of who will inherit the status of the actress, suddenly became clear that she has a niece in the United States, who saw only his aunt on the screen.She received a $ 32 million Greta Garbo.Thus ended the destiny of a fatal "Lady of the Camellias" Greta Garbo.