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Dasha Malakhov, a culinary blog

Dasha Malakhov, a culinary blog that has been discussed for two years, told us about his family.

Today, it is involved in other projects, plays in the theater, is raising his son Matthias, is engaged in home and family, but the culinary theme of her life growing and expanding: recently appeared a special website, published a book "Culinary Diary" (and on the way- two), gaining momentum Children's cooking school ... Dasha, such a love for cooking - a "congenital abnormality," or carefully bred skill?Well, to the innate quality is attributed difficult, although I am preparing to eight years.Always repeat: I have woven from childhood, and all that was happening to me, there is.Our family is inherent in the style of good food."Black pepper to the fish - it's just bad taste!"- I heard from my mother.She and both grandmothers cooked perfectly, absolutely fantastic covered banquet tables.And for them it was important to treat it, to please the guests.There are people and ugoschabelnye ugoschatelnye.And in our

family that has a taste for the treat.Both of us - me and my husband Csaba - ugoschatelnye people.Now, many young women find that cooking - it's life, even bytovuha ... It all depends on how you feel about it.We confuse love of food and cooking litigation.

modern housewife can breakfast served on bread, like a home, a good (though a bit more expensive) oil, fresh herbs and excellent coffee.As advises Jamie Oliver, it's time to "expose" cooking - remove all unnecessary, all that aggravating circumstances of our lives.And our women tend earnest, selfless desire to feed.Even I had a moment when I felt that I, too, turning into a "nursing" a woman ... And now I do not get tired of repeating: "When a woman comes in the night to her husband from her should not smell like meatballs."It antisexual!It

- though we like to admit it himself or not.Therefore, I believe every woman should find a method of getting rid of the smell of the evening cutlet.Someone will take my advice fry patties in the oven (by the way, this way I suggested Csaba), someone - to buy ready-made cakes in the restaurant, if funds allow.But it is important then another: it is necessary to reconsider their attitude to cooking.Optionally, prepare four kinds of omelets for each family member, not necessarily to arrange a holiday belly for guests to then drop dead.Cooking should bring joy.Why not?After cooking, table decoration - it is natural for a woman!Do you think so?

I am convinced!It
creation, and more characteristic of women than creation?These men can afford to destroy in the name of some goals, and our task - to build.In addition, by preparing friends something delicious, you can unleash your talent and get into the limelight.And so a woman needs - to be admired.You have conceived children's cooking school to instill a new attitude to the kitchen?No, it was initially a purely social project.He was born at me when I went to children's homes.After all, when the kiddies come to Vitaly Kozlovsky, he sings, right?What should I do?So I began with them something to cook, to do this a little holiday.A final draft is ripe, when I once late at night completely exhausted got home, and I was met at the threshold of the three-year time Matyas.I drop dead, you still cook dinner, and then - "Mom, come play with me!".I think the situation is familiar to many mothers ... Still!And then it hit me.I said: "My son, and let you play with me? Here, in the kitchen."And we began to prepare dinner together.And Matyas was ecstatic!I do not remember, then cooked like pancakes.In all seriousness?

syusi pusi - then we all cooked and eaten.And so it should be: the children feel fine false, so they should be cooking seriously.Then the child feels like a full-fledged member of the family, it is proud of its usefulness.For it is much more interesting to mess with my mother in the kitchen than sedately sitting next to her and look at the pictures in the book.You only have the girls do?Both girls and boys!If we can help to grow a generation of men who are willing to prepare their favorite meals, welcome!With her husband, too, have "edible community"?Oh yeah!And remember: we sit with Chaboy Thai restaurant, eat rice noodles with shrimp and fresh tomatoes, he told me how his grandmother preparing pork ribs with sauerkraut, and suddenly - a Click!- Lights up in me like a kind of light, "It - it is!".Csaba knows how to cook?

course!He grew up in a small Transcarpathian village on the border with Hungary, but his stunning style food.He knows how to entertain fantastic!Csaba does amazing tiny sandwiches - brown bread, a slice of Parma ham and a slice of fresh sweet green pepper.It is wonderful!You matter to a man you knew?That's really not!Something which, as the understanding of the men I'm not looking!Before looking for, then terribly disappointed when not found and realized: they need to find some other application in my life.They're completely different!And what do you expect from life partner?I guess ... Yeah, support!It must be my roof - that I have not carried away somewhere up the wall behind him - that I feel the security, and the foundation - that I felt the ground under his feet.Does this mean that you think that it is man should earn money and support his family?

for us now
this urgent issue ... The fact that the objective reasons Csaba currently works less, respectively, its earnings have become less ... He puts up with this work, and for me it is no problem.I've always said and I say to make money should the one who it turns out at the moment.But the family must all be successful!And the money has nothing to do with it.One friend told me, "Malakhov, well, you know - you'll be successful in any endeavor!"And so it is!Your success depends on your inner feelings.All my accomplishments for me - as droplets cherry jam: they fall into the cup and the water is colored in pink.What else is important for understanding?You know, in my opinion, in many cases, we women in their personal lives interfere with our fussiness.We always rush things, something we want from men, for something to push them ... How often I almost cried: Oh, if I had said nothing, or if then did something that I remember ..., we have serious Chaboy met.So serious, that I was eight months pregnant and started a little nervous, asking him: "My dear, you're actually going to talk to my father? That is to say, to ask him for my hand?"

But Csaba says to me:
"When I'm ready, I'll do it."Oh, I was angry!Then he waited until I calm down and says, "I'm busy, I'm doing a jeweler ring for you."So I myself have spoiled the surprise, which he prepared for me ... And then I realized: we women need to know how to wait.Wait until the men are ripe for action, and flickers, no fuss.Dasha, you're not just a culinary guru and actress.How do you manage to find a balance between "high" art theater and "low" food issues?I, for example, it is difficult to imagine how you can fry patties in the morning and in the evening to play Ophelia .... Maybe I'll surprise you greatly, but Ophelia fried meatballs.All!This is me you authoritatively declare theater as a child who grew up behind the scenes!My mother, for example, is perfectly able to combine everything, why can not it work out for me?Maybe because I played Desdemona in 15 years, I have no such pathos relation to my role in the theater?I - the daughter of her parents, a minister of the theater.Like ... Like that, for example, an electrician, whose family all - grandfather, father, brothers, - electricians.I have no purpose to spin as many light bulbs or to ensure that they were the largest in the world - enough for me that my "light bulb" well-lit.It seems that excessive pathos you can not reproach ...

it just now noticed?In my wardrobe quietly hanging next "pop" things got in the mood, and the road from famous designers.Now I sew a fur coat from some absolutely unique Baikal foxes.But this dress I bought in Buenos Aires, and it is in terms of our money about a hundred hryvnia.The main thing that brings joy thing.And life in the same way.How many times have we Chaboy going to rest "as it should be!"We stop in a five star hotel in the center of Budapest, relax, walk, in short, all cause-noble.Going home, we promise to each other: "There is no shopping!"We pass a fair, I ask to stay "for a minute" and - everything!An hour later, the whole machine is packed with jars of paprika, spices, souvenirs and gifts for friends ... Csaba laughs: "We're gypsies!"But we are happy, and what could be more important than that?

How do you have time?

Before, I was incredibly disorganized, and only my husband taught me to distinguish the important from the unimportant and do not bother unimportant.What is important for you in life?

I do not aspire to sverhuspeshnyh - I like to live with taste every day.I have a feeling: soon there will be a change in my life.There will be new projects, books, other children ... In the life of a lot of interesting, it goes as it should go, and it should not be rushed.

Cooking Dasha Malakhov, a culinary blog that discusses all over Ukraine.For our

with Matyas favorite "color" dumplings need: half a cup of carrot and beet fresh, packaging frozen spinach, salmon, onion, flour, salt, pepper, dill.We pour a bowl of fresh, a third lay shredded spinach.Was added to each of them flour and knead the dough.Salmon Fillet grind in a blender along with the onion and dill, salt and pepper.Roll out the dough, cut out circles, lay out stuffing, sculpt dumplings and boil in salted water.The dumplings are ready add a little butter and pepper.

How to develop your style of dress

When I studied and worked in England, I have noticed that there are a humorous fashion and are not afraid to be themselves.After returning from England, I was the first in Kiev began to wear leggings, colored sneakers, cool hats, scarves, gloves.And sets the trend!

How to cook with pleasure for Dasha

Find two or three favorite dishes and master them to perfection.And then ... just include fantasy - every time you make any changes.Obtain and diverse, and tiring.

How to be slim

most important thing - feeling comfortable in your own body.I was prompted to losing weight that I have somehow become heavy, there were problems with digestion.We have developed a program with a nutritionist, "start metabolism" Vegetables in priority, some protein, some carbohydrates.Result: after 2 months - minus 7 kg!But the pledge of harmony - a system of a healthy diet.

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