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Together they acted in GITIS on directing the course of Peter Fomenko Naumovicha 22 years ago.Then the whole group came to the teacher created the theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop".Yuri Stepanov and Tagir Rakhimov was one dressing room for two.On Jurin table - his favorite yellow cup, notebook with Card accounts, CDs, watch and chain.Under the battery - slippers.Everything as usual.In addition to the six withered roses and two candles.With the funeral.Tagir their lights."When the candles are burning, how it's easier to talk with Yuri ... - and corrects himself - of Jura.It seems that Stepan is about to open the door and ... ".

«I was born to earth»

Tagir what Jura told about his parents?

Of course, he is originally from Siberia, I even went to his village Rysevo that near Irkutsk.He was welcomed as a national hero, and is very proud of them.We then went hunting with the local guys, though, do not get shot, but maybe it's good.Parents have Stepan had wonderful father agronomist became director of t

he farm and raised him to his feet.And after his death, everything fell apart.Mom Jura taught high school biology.Russian actors of cinema, Yuri Stepanov really loved and appreciated for their dedication to work and attitude towards others.

Stepan was a real man.As Shukshin, from the plow.He knew how to do: there, in a small country, learn a profession bricklayer, carpenter, tractor and oil producer.Sometimes, he said, "I was born to earth, and then engaged in antics."So why he went to theater school?

Yes to the argument went
and entered the Irkutsk Drama School.I wanted to prove to his father that artist.Parents because he was told: "wriggle, come.We are waiting for you".And only then we realized that the talent of the Jura.What in his character was a major?He

- fighter in the first place.And in the truest sense of the word.He was engaged in boxing in Irkutsk, it was useful.The hostel entire 4th floor was occupied by Afghans, who planted their orders.But Jura gave them light.And on the stage he seemed so bumpkin.In general, it is very difficult, controversial man.It Was.Could humor without end, could be tough, but always defended his opinion.Yes, and I'm the same can.

And so we have, and friendship with him so strong.We're on tour the whole world traveled.And so it turned out that Yura anyone could not get along, and so dwelt only with me.Although he has, I have a burst, and we do not give in to each other.Even playing cards, they say, until the first blood.We're three hours come to the show to score a drill-goat.They came ... I'm sorry, I can not for the Jura in the past tense ... Stepan loses, angry and said: "But today I'm going to play on the stage perfectly."I see that he suffers because of the loss.I purposely leave out of the dressing room to let off steam Yurets.Suddenly I heard a broadcast of his voice: "Well, Tagir, I'm waiting."I come back and lose ...!

We often spent the night at the theater, as here, from Kutuzovsky Prospect, convenient to go to the shooting, especially at 8 am you have to be on the court.Here and there are showers and mattresses.Now here Yurino blanket to me moved, his large circle.Of course, before Yura took beer, something delicious ... And now I say to him: 'Well, what do you now have moved onto the beer, sat would cut into the drill-goat.The last time you beat me, I want revenge! .. »

family - is sacred

said Yuri was jovial, fond hook?

A theater without humor, without imagination nothing to do.When we were at the Fomenko Yuri I lived in a hostel, and I was moonlighting as a janitor and security guard at the club at the Taganka Park Pryamikova.There I have my own room was, we have it with Yuri "keley" called.Of course, he often came and stayed overnight.Of course, lighted.The club took dance classes.And who is involved?Some of the girls!And then near by two young guys, and even from the theater.During the breaks they came to us to drink tea.

Yuri was very charming, perhaps, and he often fell in love?

course, he liked women, although a bit shy in his youth.But just as I thought that you can not live without women in the world.Of course, we want to like, and then - it's part of the profession.We live to fall in love.And he thought so.But later, when it became his life-il, the family became for him a saint.Even I stopped to tell him about his booze.Ira also an actress?

No, she's a designer
.I remember we put the performance "Adventure" about Casanova (this is Tsvetaeva).And we went to Stepa try costumes on some apartment.There were a few girls, and Yuri chose Il.I remember when they first born was born, Kostik, we all celebrated theater.Then Dima.Who is the third son was born (of course, they wanted a girl), Yuri Stepanov Jr.It does not allow Ira limp.Recently here celebrated her birthday: everything should be as in the Jura.They had a welcoming home?

course, and at the wedding, I have walked.I remember Yuri wanted to show acceptance of the martial arts, he slipped and knocked over the wedding cake.But nobody was upset, so it seemed a trifle - a wonderful life ahead.All young, full of strength and happiness.I do believe that Yuri was lucky with Ira, if only because it is not an artist, do not unpack your role on the shelves.I came and happy for you as a viewer.Ira was very proud of her husband.How Jura was the father?

.He did not zabaluesh, and this with a mad love for his sons.But punishment could so that the memory forever.Kostya (he 13) are very survives the death of his father, but keeps all the emotions in themselves - such a small little man.

bone is not going to go to the theater?

No.I think he would rather go to professional sports.He seriously engaged in boxing, martial arts.Yuri told me that many times with him and boxed his son a strong kick as he.Even outwardly Kostya - well, the spitting image of Yurets.Dimka - that other, softer, more like on-il.Tagir, imagine that George is now sitting here.

What would you say to him?

What to say, there next to the map.We would drill-playing goat.(Laughs.) To grind about hunting, about fishing.What plans have been in the spring!Mentally you speak with him?

Wherever I was not held a couple of minutes, so I did not think of the Jura.We filmed a lot together - and "Citizen of the head" and "stilettos" and "battalions".It's all movies Dostal.He was so fond of Yuri ...

And that without him in the theater became ill, would say?

as stated when the slippers still warm?Look on the table some cookies lie.I did not clean up, in the drawer drives some, toothbrush, new socks.Green tea - we drink together.

He played three performances - "Three Sisters", "Wolves and Sheep" and "The Moth".Last sure will be removed from the repertoire: in the head does not fit that of Yuri someone can be replaced.He played a major role there, Colonel, who killed his beloved.Today is the last Jura monologue sounds like a sad prophecy:

«You go up the stairs to the sky.Towards his infinite glory.You will have new faces, you live thousands of lives forever ... Goodbye!Ahead of the new role! »

... Two days before his death, we Hochma: One began:" Here we have built a theater, and in the niches eventually be grave "fomenkovskih old."Someone began to develop the theme: "The audience came, Maitre bowed and went to the show.Well, when here will make someone first! "Yuri took a sad and opened by ...

« He had such plans! .. »

This summer, he would have turned 43. The most" juice "the mosta bloom of forces ... He worked to the fullest and just gave himself without reserve family.He would never see his third son, Yuri Stepanov, Jr., who was born in the first week of April.How much of all, he did not have time to make out of what secretly dreamed of!Do not have time to bring in the people's sons bones and Dima, enjoy their successes.I do not have time to finish building a vacation home, zazvat friends at a favorite fishing.Plan bathhouse with all the costly calculations and is restless actor on the table in the dressing room of the native theater ... will not play in the film Konstantin Khudyakov "Once in Rostov", the shooting of which were to start in May.Especially for Stepanov wanted to restore performance "Chichikov" Peter N. Fomenko.But George did not ...

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