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Sandra Bullock, Best Actress

Curse affects received the "Oscar" in the category "Best Actress."And if in the last century "oskaronositsam" most unlucky, then with the onset of the new millennium mechanism to work like a Swiss watch.Exceptions were only Helen Mirren and Marion Cotillard, who are still happy with their mate Taylor Hackford and Guillaume Canet.The rest is - a complete fiasco.As soon as 45-year-old star of "Speed" to get "Oscar", as well as her marriage, is considered one of the strongest in Hollywood, which is rare in a matter of days falling apart.

¬ęBomb" broke

Even before Sandra was going to leave the movie to have a baby her husband, host of the popular TV show "Monster Garage" Jesse James.It is known that it is - the son of her stepmother and two daughters Jesse from his previous marriage and her children she does not have.

Idyll burned down when in one of the tabloids - the magazine InTouch, published an interview with a certain Michelle McGee aka Bomb specific model and stripper known that her body nestle

d tattoos.According to her, they met Jess BBC in April 2009: Michel met his Vanilla Gorilla (as she affectionately called her lover), when I went for an interview at his office about the work in his company West Coast Choppers.The relationship lasted for about a couple of years.But to tell the world about his love McG decided immediately after the award ceremony "Oscar" rival.Michelle hurt Jesse lied to her that does not live with his wife, and she believed him honest girl!Believing itself McG is possible, if we remember that Jessie - also winner of many tattoos and his ex-wife - porn actress.Apple from the tree ...

Sandra moved out of the house in which they lived together with Jesse and his children on the eve of the controversial publication.The next day the newspapers published his confession: "I am guilty."

True, did not specify
, in what way.A family friend, billionaire Donald Trump genuinely surprised: "I was sure that he endlessly in love with Sandra Bullock, Best Actress which she sang."

Bullock, always so strong, was crushed by what had happened.She canceled the participation in the European premiere brought her "Oscar" of the painting "The Blind Side", through its representative apologized to the fans, and hid from the paparazzi.

Jesse James, in turn, regularly drove the children to school, and on his finger still beautiful engagement ring.After revelations McGee Friends of the couple expressed their conviction: Sandra forgive her husband.By the way, because then she and the curse of "Oscar" would be removed, the press wrote ...

But hopes
friends and fans melted before the new stories about the adventures of the hero-lover.Confessions of former and current lovers spouse Sandra Bullock fell to the yellow pages of publications in abundance.Currently it is known at least five women who since 2008 at various times were in intimate relationship with Jesse James.On one of them, the only one that does not want to call themselves, a mysterious business woman, relationship lasted until the scandal broke.Girlfriends Jesse, including another stripper, a photographer and a lawyer, carefully stored e-mails, photos, and even SMSes loving James.

Recently, "stallion" made a knight's move: asked for help in one of the special clinics to help people with different types of dependencies: alcohol, drug, sex addiction.The irony is that once she and Sandra visited the walls of the institution.Ready to shoot the film "28 Days" (the plot of her character gets to the clinic after the crash, perfect while intoxicated), the actress spent several days in the hospital to better understand her character ...