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The most fashionable perfume

It should immediately be noted that the most fashionable perfume will be light and airy scents that give the image a little frivolity.The main task of the spirits this year will focus on tenderness and femininity of this sensual girl.Perfumers offer fashionable women perfume with notes of fruit and floral compositions as well as with Eastern flavors.Fashionable fragrances this season are such well-known brands like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Selena Goma, Dita Von Teese.Also, this year will delight fashionistas odors from Madonna, Lady Gaga and other stars of world value.

Daring and delicate

This season the girls offer to be both bold and sensitive.That is why odors should contain notes of sea aromas and floral motifs.For example, if you love oriental motifs, you just need to buy a perfume with aromas of flowers and notes of freesia.This season will not lose popularity soy Arabian perfume.Women who are primarily penny style and elegance, will appreciate the perfume Ektsentrik Molekulris.

Roberto Cavalli is going to please give wonderful new scent, "I love her."Perfume says that this fragrance is designed for women who are always confident and know how to pay attention to men.The new fragrance combines scents such as musk, cedar, sandalwood, bergamot, vanilla and fruit.

floral fragrance for romantic flirts

romantic nature with a fondness for floral scents, too, will be able to find a perfume that will emphasize their character.This year, the floral aromas receive special popularity.For example, the spirits of "Miss Pussy" is ideal for lovely flirty girls who fascinate their gentle beauty.At the heart of this fragrance contains scents of musk, rose flowers, citrus notes, iris and magnolia.More among floral scents can be identified by the smell of Donna Karan - "Be Delisius."This fragrance is characterized by a combination of original scents such as cucumber, apple, violet, jasmine, rose and even leather with white wood.

intrigue Dita Von Teese

Also this year, you should pay attention to the flavor released stunning dancer Dita Von Teese.By the way, the main intrigue of the smell is that it has no scent of flowers, fruit or vanilla.So many ladies are waiting for the release of a new odor, which may become one of the most original and extravagant in this season.

Stars offer to be original

More new smell their fans and just tsenitelnits good perfume delight the famous singer Lady Gaga.She, too, has not yet reported on what it would contain notes of the new fragrance.However, it is known that an extraordinary singer signed a contract with the best perfumers Coty company.She stated that it will use the spirits brave women who are tired of the conventions and standards.

Selena Gomez believes that well-chosen perfume can always help girls to be fashionable and popular.That is why it offers a ladies scent that emphasizes woman in sporty and adventurous.Selena says that will soon arrive on the shelves of spirits that are sure to fit women who want to be always and in all only the best.

Perfume gentlemen

And finally, it is necessary to recall the little man's smell.This season, the young people will appreciate the Jean Paul Gaultier with its new scent Kokorich.Also in autumn 2012, David Beckham will offer a new fragrance for men, containing the smell of wood, leather, patchouli, musk, fiery pepper, ginger, pine and top notes of citrus.This men's fragrance also promises to be original and innovative, so it is suitable for those young people who are not afraid to experiment and always want to be better.

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