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Edita: about the work and life

wonderful actress and a woman as prezhdeenergichna voice is unique and young.At the heart of all that she has achieved -Daily and hard work.Edita used to working without priznavayaustalosti, regardless of the time.This is not peculiar to all women.Poslovam singer, sometimes tempted to give yourself a favor, but she immediately zheotgonyala it away.Already at the beginning of work on the stage it was ruthless corrupt by.This applies to everything - rehearsals, appearance, behavior.

From ugly gosling

Initially, still little known to the girl looked stseneuglovatoy even hid his hands behind his back.This zakompleksovannost irazdrazhala tormented her.It was not easy to overcome."I'm constantly stared at svoifotografii and footage taken during the concert, did not reject none sovet.- heroine recalls. - Of course, it helped AleksandrovichBronevitsky Alexander, who led the ensemble" Friendship ", with whom yavystupala. Though he was then my husbandbut I never praised, postoyannoi harshly criticized, s

aying, "You look terrible!" So I priuchilask self-control. "

The white swan

Once the song "Black Cat" was played in the streets every day and literally every house was popular hits.With neyassotsiirovalsya and image Piekha.Are there many differences today, compared with the EditoyPehoy, which won a place on the stage?Itself a legendary actress, nesmotryana past decade, does not see significant changes in their tvorcheskoyzhizni.And in everyday too."However, there are some differences. Ransheenergiya beat me over the edge. I did not go, and fly! Took up most trudnyedela and had no doubt that all under my power. You know, it did not go otsamonadeyannosti and on confidence. Imaginethat that Edita - dosih my ideal. I try to meet him. I feel that I can still mnogoesdelat. That is inherent in my mother, her upbringing, remains unchanged. Yaiz workaholic. I would never push apart someone elbows, pull the udrugihthat belongs only to them. I am proud that now she paid nazhizn on costumes, helping her daughter. "

daughter gave the mother a grandson and a granddaughter.But the title of the titled zvezdane shy grandmother.Edita says: "I was glad bysootvetstvovat classic image of my grandmother - be gray and wearing a handkerchief datolko me this can not be. I'm a singer. And when I go on stage, dolzhnavyglyadet accordingly. When I say that I do not vyglyazhuna sixtyyears, I'm happy. I think it's not just dezhurnyykompliment. Look in the mirror - not disappointed in myself. "Uzhepovzrosleli grandchildren.Stas Peha walked the paths grandmother.October 2, 2013 Eric Bystrovaporadovala granddaughter grandmother granddaughter Vasilisa birth.


Not an easy life in the battens required to maintain health.Pehapriderzhivaetsya system "macrobiotics".She lives in harmony with svoimorganizmom, listening to him.Does the fact that the body dictates.For example, eating plain porridge, fruits and vegetables, onions, garlic, raisins, dried apricots.Instead of sugar - honey, instead of salt -soevy sauce.Very rarely regales meat and eggs.People's Artist mnogohodit foot (at least an hour a day), pour cold water, it makes for spetsialnyeuprazhneniya back.The motto is simple: in order to look good, nuzhnotruditsya!But it is not by bread alone, "Happen minutes when one wants sebyapobalovat. Once I was given a nice big cake decorated vzbitymislivkami and fruit. And I allowed myself unheard of: ate poltorta with ogromnymudovolstviem! But then it took about six kilometers to get rid of lishnihkalory. Andthe pleasure does not fail, and unwanted posledstviyizbezhala. "

Standard ... modesty

Outside the singer became the benchmark for many.But geroinyapovestvovaniya not thought about it.She was always the first to greet lyudmi.Chto is - a manifestation of aristocratic or plebeian?Just come Edita izfrantsuzskogo mining town of Noyelles-sous-Lens, where everything all zdorovalispri meeting.Peha convinced that this trait is common to all well-mannered people. "I am in any society feels natural and comfortable. My mother was not a conversation I phrase that begins with the words:" The Crown at you from head neupadet if you ... "Once atI just received a high, without the prior approvals and appropriate rituals came to BorisuNikolaevichu Yeltsin and congratulated him on the holiday. Many people were shocked. Why? I did it naturally, as a human, not from a sense of flattery. "


Edita identify important commandments which advises svoimvnuchke, granddaughter, and all the young girls:

  • observe ten universal precepts contained vBiblii.

  • not taken seriously compliments men be themselves svoimglavnym judge.

  • more often look in the mirror with a critical eye and izbavlyaytesot that do not like.

  • Have as many friends.This mountain - neotsutstvie money, meanness and treachery.

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