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Secrets of beauty and harmony of the actress Maria Kozhevnikova

Sport hardening
Mom wanted to grow from Masha champion in rhythmic gymnastics.But she was very creative child at school sang in the choir, danced, recited poetry.Therefore, in 15 years, received the title of Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics, the future actress categorically stated that casts sport as tired of the endless camps and competitions.A little later, she entered GITIS, and my mother, of course, the decision to support a daughter."Despite the difficult sport childhood, I am grateful to my mother for what she made me work hard. And of course, I am grateful to the sport - reflects Maria. - Twelve years in rhythmic gymnastics - hard work. But the result - my good figure (she later earnedand blood, through the "I can not and do not want") and fighting spirit. "

I just pretty
Unlike many of his star colleagues Kozhevnikova did not consider his appearance outstanding."For beauty, I'm pretty smoothly - says Maria. - I do not consider myself beautiful, rather just nice. And I like to play
the role of the first not beauties, but the girls are not too simple and visually appealing. I believe that the most important thing any woman- it is the charisma and charm. I have a lot of friends of girls who do not fit the standard "beauties", but the warmth, charm and elegance that comes from them is simply amazing. "

Popular today medical techniques of creating beauty is an actress with skepticism.She believes that all problems come from the head.And when there is a desire to go to a plastic surgeon, is first and foremost think about where it actually is."If, say, a person can not feel happy, do not fix too protruding ears, we must give him the opportunity to do such an operation.But when the girls after that there is a desire to adjust the shape of the nose, then pump up lips or raised his eyebrows, and so on - it's like a disease!I have thought long and nothing like this, plus I am afraid much pain.I saw swollen and bluish faces of his friends after they broke their noses.It's horrible!I am sure that to maintain and improve its appearance can be other ways.I myself have never even used a cream.I think that you need to listen to all over your body.Grim I shoot only cosmetic milk.And girls who begin to pump yourself Botox and increase lip look with fear and try to convince not to do so. "

Although Maria recognizes that for an interesting role she could to make sacrifices.This summer, for example, she had at the request of the director Dmitri Meshieva for the role in the film "death squads", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First World War, to cut the hair, which the actress to grow for several years."If you need to recover, type the weight without thinking.I am very serious about the work, "- says Maria.

insidious work in the Duma
It is known that sedentary work spoils the shape. Do not spared this into account and Maria Kozhevnikov." I am an ordinary woman, and I can get better.For example, during last winter I won as much as 6 kg.But this is understandable: the New Year's holidays were very tasty, and the Duma's work - it is in fact more than sedentary.But by the summer, I was able to throw 2.5kg and continue to work on yourself ".

have Kozhevnikova has a secret of rapid weight loss - its crown diet. Three days of Mary is only buckwheat, three days - only boiled chicken, and the next three daysdrinking only low-fat yogurt. All this can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but only one product for all three days. Of course, such a diet is difficult to reconcile with the work in the Duma, but the girl to deal with it. "I wear boiled buckwheat in small containers on asession of the Duma, and to break it warm up. So unloading week every time a positive result ».

no ban
For many years Mary is a supporter of a healthy diet. It only eats healthy food and a better diet refers to the realization thatyou can not overeat. The actress has long excluded from the diet of flour, moreover, she does not like coffee, almost does not drink alcohol, but drank several liters of daily water.If you feel that gained little overweight, lunch replaces water with honey and lemon: this drink is the sensation of hunger."It just so happens that I do not like salt, pepper and different spices - Kozhevnikova says.- I do not like and mayonnaise.This habit from my childhood.My mother, on the contrary, prepares all peppered and salty, so for me her whole life had to cook separately. "Mary never said a strict "no" to any product, because it is sure: there can and should be everything."For me, there is no prohibition" do not eat after six in the evening, "- says Kozhevnikova. - I can not afford to eat in the evening, but even during the night. Limit yourself for weight loss is necessary, but never needed to bring it to madness. I went throughinhibitions in childhood, when my mother did not give me the delicious buns, sweets and cakes. Because in gymnastics recover 100 g - this is a crime. And the fact that I was not allowed to have then very often want to eat today, especiallymuffins. This is on a subconscious level. Head realize that bun me now to anything, but I can not stop. So I think that it is necessary to periodically indulge yourself with all sorts of delicious things. Otherwise, then eat more. "

quickly in the form
Other newfangled diet Maria Kozhevnikova no fan.He does not believe that they are not harmful to health.Whenever Maria thinks to eat something or to abstain, she listens to your body.Recently, a friend Kozhevnikova singer Zara, advised her to bring myself in good shape to drink therapeutic chloride-sulfate magnesium-sodium mineral water.Mary entrusted Dawn and weight immediately rushed down.Although the water is very salty, almost like the sea, and it is quite difficult to drink.

Natural cosmetics
Kozhevnikova - a fan of olive oil, which is trying to bring in from abroad.The actress laughs that her bags are usually not full of new clothes, and a battery of bottles of olive oil.Maria adds it to salads, use it to care for hair and body.Actress roughly once a month causing olive oil on your hair and wrap in a soft towel for half an hour.After this procedure, the hair is alive and silky.In addition to olive oil for skin care uses coconut.And every week doing massage of the face and body.To maintain the tone goes into the pool.And in the summer resting entirely on the sea.While swimming in the water face down - all the imperfections immediately leave.

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