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Singer Stas Kostyushkin

Stas married tretiyraz.With the former spouses did not stay friends.He burns bridges and does not communicate, can not leave on good terms with the former.First, of course, pytalsyaobschatsya, but nothing came of it.Former spouses can not be friends - it's his tverdoeubezhdenie.

why your previous marriage ended in divorce?What glavnayaprichina?

first marriage collapsed because of the fact that his wife has changed, found "muzhezamenitelya."It is not good when the head grow horns, even if tebyadostatochno calcium in the body.He says that men experiencing betrayal vomne times heavier than females.Women have some immunity to it ... Stasnikak could not move, so he had to switch to another cheloveka.Tak he married a second time.But it was not a conscious decision, but rather to escape from a previous marriage.So, too, did not work out ...

What Stas values ​​vzhenschinah?Versatility!His wife Julia was such.It sochetayutsyaraznye qualities: it can be a bitch, but can be a good girl and flavor.It delig

hts!He nenaviditodnoobraznyh people with them very quickly becomes boring.

First Love singer

It was literally physical sensation of love.Such zhechuvstvo he experienced when he met Julia nine years ago.So that more Stas nehochet fall in love.Now the singer is very fond of his wife, but "vibrating conveyor" was held.And emueto really like, I want stability, peace and harmony in the family!

Stas family - henpecked.It's true?

Periodically, you can see the articles that they polnostyuupravlyaet wife.But it is not so!He's horoscope Leo and Lions just nevozmozhnoupravlyat!While the lion's mane of stroking, he is kind, but as soon as the wrong -vstaet for the buck!Yes, he listens to his wife, because he respects her noposlednee word family always him!

bylmuzhchina The family of the singer, who became a role model for negoprimerom.It was his grandfather, Arkady, who is no longer alive.He worked all his life, hard, and lived to 90 years.About grandfather ostalisdetskie memories.They then lived in Odessa, and every morning at five o'clock sounded creepy skrezhetbritvennogo machine - grandfather shaved, this woke up the whole house, but waited vseterpelivo: because my grandfather was going to work.Then, before going to work, he went to the bakery and brought fresh bread, the aroma of which resounded vsemudomu.It was tradition, he did not break, it was holy ... Stas ochenlyubil his grandfather and admired!

Singer workaholic

But, like any normal person, Stas likes to relax.However, lying on the beach for a long time can not prefer leisure.And ochenlyubit do in the gym.However, for him this is not just a hobby.He mnogosnimaetsya in videos and broadcasts, and the body has to be perfect.

the sweet itself limits

can eat, but only in the morning.In general, it is very lyubitlyudey who eat sweets because they are good and fun!

After the collapse of the "Tea for Two", he started a solo project.It was hard.The group of "Chayvdvoem" where only sang the lyrics, he stuck with the soul, but it has outlived its usefulness.And it seems that Stas got to create something new.His solo project "A-Dessa" totally danceable.There are bright, colorful performances.It worked, television RU.TV recognized their breakthrough year.He etimochen proud.

How to keep in shape?Advises Stas Kostyushkin

«Men neobhodimysilovye load.And women just a few light exercises and jogging.

PRESS.Etoslaboe place of women.Swing press for 30-50 times at least three times a week.

OTZhIMANIYa.Chtoby chest, back and arms were beautiful and toned, press, polish 10-15 times three times a week.

squats.Etopolezno for buttocks and legs - muscles are elastic.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat inspiratory, expiratory rise.Do 20-30 squats three times a week.

running.Chtobyszhech excess fat, run or dance just for 20-30 minutes twice a week. "

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