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The famous actress Julianne Moore

In early December, the actress will celebrate the anniversary - she is 50 years old!Julianne Moore did not shy about that date, and enjoys his age."You know, the most beautiful thing in the middle years of the fact that you finally reach the top where you can exhale and say," But I like it here! "- She says candidly.And it is not just posturing: Moore really happy life.After all, Julianne has everything you need for happiness: family, favorite work, and ... beauty.

Telokak evidence

In fact, for a long time Julia Ann Smith (aktrisapoluchila a name at birth) considered myself a bogey.Its well-known (and then ill-fated) freckles gave her a lot of trouble.As the body.Everything changed kogdadevochka finishing school.Julia has cut hair, changed her glasses on kontaktnyelinzy and turned ... into a beautiful woman.Her mother, Anna, the daughter of seroymyshkoy who believed for a long time could not get used to this metamorphosis.Once vmestes her husband, she came to the school play "Beauty and the Beast

," where Dzhuliyaigrala major role.Watching her daughter, Anna Smith could not help, yelling the whole room: "My God, Peter!Look at our daughter, she nastoyaschayakrasotka! »

Soon Julia realized that is really good soboy.Muzhchiny were crazy about her unruly mop of fiery red hair, takihkogda something hateful freckles and turning milky marble body.When etomDzhuliya not consider the external data special.She never izobrazhalapuritanku, quietly accepting the explicit role in the movie.

In the mid 90-ies Moore literally shokirovalakinokritikov.The actress was not afraid to weigh in naked "short stories" Altman to play a porn star in "Nights in the style of Booty" Paul Anderson isoglasitsya for sex scenes in romantic drama "The End of the Affair" (for this rolona was nominated for "Oscar").

Someone thought that the actress behaved immorally.But takihbylo minority: even without clothes Julianne managed to look very izyaschnoy.Ee nudity seems natural.Perhaps the point is that the very Dzhuliannane sees nothing wrong with explicit scenes and considers them just chastyuobyknovennoy life.Despite his age, the actress and now snimaetsyaobnazhennoy.

Julianne Moore recently starred in advertising prakticheskiobnazhennoy.Actress covers only the bag.But her body so well that nenuzhdaetsya clothing.Even in the 50 years she is delightful.Her body slovnoulika, recognition that even in adulthood nudity can be really sexy.

Actress Ellen Barkin, who is friends with Moore not odnodesyatiletie, once remarked that "Juhl is afraid of losing their job" .This fears from the past: once Julianna career developed not sovsemgladko.

all started with the fact that Julia had to give up ... otsvoego name.When she tried to register with the Screen Actors Guild, she was denied.And explained that Julie Anne Smith in their base a dime a dozen.Togdaona became Julianne Moore.To his mother's name, she added (Anna) and vkachestve names took the middle name of his father - "that no one was hurt."

relationship with the cinema did not initially skladyvalis.Devushka played in the theater, working part-time as a waitress.The great movie Moore popalav 30 years, playing in the thriller "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle".This was followed rolvmeste with Harrison Ford in "The Runaways."She appeared in an episode, but it bylodostatochno to the actress remarked Steven Spielberg.Three years later he vozmetDzhuliannu for a role in "Jurassic Park."This work brought 36-year-old Murmirovuyu fame.

Julianne worked very much and played so well chtostala incredibly popular: in 1999 she starred in the right 5filmah!At the same time she earned the first nomination for the award "Oscar" for rolvtorogo plan "Boogie Nights."She appeared in "Psycho" in bratevKoenov played in "The Big Lebowski", appeared in "Perfect Husband" and "ladies' man" Then, followed by work in the "Hannibal" by Ridley Scott.Critics have argued that C Julianne his role coped worse than its "predecessor" Jody Fosterv "Silence of the Lambs."However, the film grossed over 350 millionovdollarov!

During his life Julianne played about forty filmah.Rabot not so much, but its appearance in the shot - a pledge kachestvennogofilma.Perhaps that is why it is often compared to Meryl Streep.

Ideal Husband

With personal happiness Julianne did not carry very long.With pervymmuzhem she met at the theater on Broadway, which was arranged to work Following complete Art School in Boston.Marry Sundar Chakravarthy she went on calculating.She was sure that the two of them to live budetlegche - financially and morally.But the venture failed.Svoegovtorogo Julianne met her husband on television.By the time she starred vteleseriale "While the World Turns."For his work on this project, the actress received the "Emmy" and ... a passionate fan - a successful actor John Gould Rubina.Oni married very quickly.Their relationship was rosy: Julianne dobleska polish apartment, cooked dinner and my husband was waiting for him in the evenings.Semeynayaidilliya lasted 9 years.Everything collapsed when Moore began to actively act in kino.Muzh was against her to make a career.He simply jealous Julianne kuspehu.The actress decided to file for divorce.

Her third husband was the avant-garde filmmaker Bart Freyndlih.Vpervye they met at the audition - Bart Moore invited the main Rolv his debut film.On that day, the actress was not in the spirit: it slomalasmashina Rubin pulled the divorce, but there is also some very young director ... Julianne was not going to withdraw from the Freundlich.But when was the last momentsoglasilas Bart literally jumped for joy!Podrugaposovetovala throw the novice director.Julianne did not listen to her: at neeprosto not strong enough to resist a new love.And came true: sFreyndlihom together they are one of the strongest couples in Hollywood.In 1997 goduMur her first child, a son Caleb, and five years later a daughter, Liv Helen."I bylaberemenna it when starred in" Far From Heaven. "

first Bart and did not think to call Moore the aisle he thought chtoego girlfriend (especially at her age and with two children!) Is not going anywhere.Nokogda actress began to pay attention to partners in the set, Freyndlihzanervnichal.He decided to make a proposal during the actress tseremoniivrucheniya "Oscar" in 2003.Then vkategorii Julianne has been nominated for "Best Actress".Statuette went to Nicole Kidman and Julianne poluchilakoltso diamond and husband.

Julianne she keeps house itself engaged vospitaniemdetey.And now she does not have to choose between career and personal life.Onauspevaet act in films, musicals and set to write children's books.