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The famous actress Salma Hayek


Its fate was sealed in advance.The actress was born around businessman, made his fortune in the oil trade, and opernoypevitsy.And Salma and her brother always got what we wanted.Once they reshilizavesti big kittens - Dad bought them for all the tigers from the local zoo!

When Salma, after watching Hollywood movies, zahotelauchitsya in America, parents could not refuse her.In 12 years, the girl was vkatolicheskom guesthouse in Louisiana.However, studies in the monastery was sovsemne like living in a movie - Salma had to work hard and postoyannozubrit hated lessons.Besides, Hayek found dyslexia that sdelaloobuchenie even harder.Girl amused as she could get to his feet vsyuobitel two in the morning the fire alarm disrupting service, translating all chasyv school.The nuns were able to sustain it all year - then the parents take nastoyatelnorekomendovali hooliganism home.

After high school in Mexico, Salma went to study nadiplomata, dreamed about it her dad!But held only six

months, announcing chtostanet actress.

And with her appearance count in Mexico was not chto.Miniatyurnaya brunette who does not even reach 160 cm, fit vstandarty local beauty.

first of its ability to assess the boy - girl takmasterski played in the children's play "Magic Lamp" that young viewers vybegalina the scene to save the actress from the villain.Hayek began to appear in reklamnyhrolikah, took the lead role in the popular TV series "Teresa".Within dvagoda she became the most famous actress in Mexico.But this was not enough Salma: woman wanted to conquer Hollywood, becoming a famous actress, and even the director.

Mexican Barbie

Despite the fame at home succeed vAmerike was difficult.Two years later, Salma already spoke sovershennomangliyskom, but no one was in a hurry to offer her a job.All that could rasschityvatHayek with his "non-European" appearance, - the role of a maid or a prostitute.

actress was not going to give up.She did not miss niodnogo casting and loudly indignant racism in Hollywood where meksikankimogut rely only on the occasional role.Her angry speech at etutemu in night talk show overheard the director Robert Rodriguez.Already sleduyuschiyden he sent the girl a letter: "Your words - the absolute truth, but it was byuzhasno because Americans lose their happiness to see you on the screen."

Rodriguez Hayek offered a role in "Desperado" (1995).DlyaSalmy it really was "the role of a desperate" - the first serious work of 5 years of living in America!Picture made famous actress.Miniatyurnuyubryunetku with burning eyes immediately nicknamed the "Mexican Barbie" predlagayaroli pacifiers beautiful and sexy kitties.Despite the desire to play, Salma refused to second-class projects.She preferred horoshiekartiny, even if the proposal was little.

Perhaps the only director who Salma gotovaigrat everything - Robert Rodriguez.Hayek has appeared in an episode of his paintings "From Dusk Till Dawn," she starred in "Four Rooms," "Spy Kids - 3" and "Once in Mexico."And very soon she got the nickname "the mascot Rodriguez!"

But Hayek and this success was not enough: in 1999, the actress otkrylasobstvennuyu production company Ventanarosa.I the first film of the studio - "No One Writes to the Colonel" was nominated otMeksiki for "Oscar"!

But most viewers still remember the actress after drama "Frida."The film was made on the perseverance Hayek: she became a producer of the picture, he persuaded to star in the lead roles of friends.Salma herself so accustomed to the rolmeksikanskoy artist that she lost six kilograms and even became Frida otzyvatsyana name.Her tenacity and talent were seen: the job bylanominirovana actress for "Oscar" and touched by the niece of Frida Kahlo gave Salmeozherele artist in appreciation.

success and fame never stopped Salma.Later onasnyala film "Miracle Maldonado," for which he received the "Emmy" stalaprodyuserom series "Ugly Betty" (analogous to "Not Born Beautiful") IPO is still a lot to play a movie.Salma went to one of the main roles vkartine "Bandidas" ... Hayek is the most successful Mexican aktrisoymira.She was able to prove that it is able to play the movie is not only the maids.

man of her dreams

Salma memorable appearance: burning eyes ogromnyhtemnyh eyes, heavy coal curls, bright makeup.Magazines include it in sotnyusamyh sexiest women of the world, recognize the most stylish TV zvezdoyGollivuda fans haunt.In his youth in Mexico Hayek three predlagaliruku and heart, and among the fans was even the president of the country.But Salma trudnougodit - her man to be smart, educated and wealthy.Therefore, it skotorym will not be bored.

Her first love in Hollywood became Edward Norton.They poznakomilisna party and Salma immediately drew attention to this little strange, delectable nostol man.Courtney Love was furious to learn nakogo exchanged its Norton.She even let slip that Edward would never marry nameksikanke, t. To. Is not understood her terrible accent.Salma just bit her lip after a couple of months, Norton Hayek offered to become his wife!

Their relationship lasted four years and ended with the wedding would be, if not an actress fed up with stability and peaceful life.Salma threw Ed, having departed for a vacation with a billionaire sheikh Modhassanom.However, this novel does not byldlinnym.She was waiting for the man of her dreams two years - in 2006, the actress poznakomilass Francois-Henri Pinault.

In September 2007, 41-year-old actress and 45-letnegobiznesmena daughter Valentina Paloma.While the paparazzi told olishnih kilograms Salma, the actress enjoyed life.

But the birth of his daughter did not save the relationship Salma and Henri.Their lyubovisportili distance and separation: Pino worked in France, and not sobiralaspokidat Hayek Hollywood.The couple broke up in 2008, to cancel the wedding.And nobody verilv beautiful ending of the story ... but the most Salma!

Hayek and Pinault were married in 2009.The celebration took place vvenetsianskom castle of XVIII century.After the wedding, Salma tried not to talk to master the personal life.While avoiding gossip he failed.Recently staloizvestno that Henri-Francois is the father of 4-year-old son, model Eva Evangelista (novel businessman and fashion models came in a quarrel with Hayek Pinault).Gazetchikiprorochat Salma divorce, but it only impacts the lips.

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