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Biography of Sophia Loren

illegitimate child, Sofia Wilanow Shikolone (future world-famous Sophia Loren) was born September 20, 1934 in the gray-haired, but eternally young city of Rome.Her mother was Rommilda failed actress.One day, she won the doubles competition of Greta Garbo.This little luck and ended her fleeting romance with the stage.Life in the capital of sunny Italy is too expensive and unpredictable.A single mother leaves her daughter in a nondescript fishing town of Pozzuoli, away from the bustle of the capital.She could not get enough of the beauty and burgeoning talent beloved little girl!To help her open up and fully realize it their unfulfilled dreams, Romilda gives herself and her life single goal: happiness daughter.In 15 years, Sofia became the runner-up in a beauty contest, which was held in Naples.In addition to the title of "Princess" she solemnly handed a set of bed linen and towels, floor mat, two thousand lire and a train ticket to Rome - fabulous riches to anyone who grew up in abject poverty that befe
ll Italy after World War II.As it turned actress said: "You can not call those beautiful eyes that had not wept bitterly."In 1951, an extraordinary provincial participate in the contest "Miss Italy" and receives an enthusiastic jury prize "Miss Glamour", which established for her.At the next beauty contest, Sophie meets her future husband, film producer Carlo Ponti.He became her producer, is involved in the construction of her career: invites teachers of acting, organizing auditions.Initially Ponti unceremoniously exploited in through movies only bewitching sexuality of his lady.Acting talent shines it is not necessarily enough spectacular appearance in the frame in exotic costumes, or naked.Restless producer insisted that the actress changed her nickname to Lauren.

long-awaited success
first approving reviews venerable film critics for her role as Sofia got lively Neapolitan shopkeeper in Vittorio De Sica film "The Gold of Naples" (1954)."Believe me, I did not have to get used to the image or something coming up, - modestly said the actress - because I grew up among the common people and I know their characters."That in numerous films De Sica crystallized outstanding talent Lauren.Starring in his film "Chochara" (1961), she received a prize at the Cannes Film Festival and the overseas "Oscar" for best actress.Incidentally, this was the first time in history that the famous American award in this category was awarded to a foreign actress.The next 15 years, Sophia Loren starred in American Hollywood films.Endless shooting, frequent flights, social events sapped the lifeblood magnificent actress.As you know, for sooner or later have to pay Sophie could not get pregnant.A few years Lauren was treated for infertility.Whether the medicine helped, whether God heard her prayers - in 1968 Sophie was born Carlo Ponti, Jr., and after 4 years - the son of Eduardo.

Since the late 1970s, she starred in a little movie, focusing on the well-being of the family and loved ones."Bring out the source of his youth - the mind - advises actress, and then you'll really real beauty and defeat old age!" Clever Lauren speaks fluently two foreign languages: English and French, and its apt aphorisms began to cruise.She believes that the main decoration of any woman - calm and measured life.All of this can be called one capacious word - peace.

Lauren multifaceted talent.In the years 1979-1980 she published an autobiographical book.A few years later he founded a perfume line.Then he wrote and published several best-sellers, in particular a remarkable work "Woman and Beauty".Since 1984, the actress rarely indulges his fans with new roles in the movie, but interest in its work unabated."I love my age!" - Keeps repeating actress.Do you think this flirtation unworldly Lady?Not at all!In 2007, Sophia Loren, which at that time was 72 years old, posed naked for the famous calendar "Pirelli".And no one language is not turned to call her an old woman.No, no and NO!It's all the same cheerful mischievous girl from a tiny Italian town of Pozzuoli.

Fatal Beauty
Not many people know that the unique gait sex in the film De Sica "Italian Marriage" (1964) Sophia acquired thanks to her husband.Ponty endlessly forced to pace between Sophie arranged in a row of lockers and slam the door wide-open thighs, until she learned to slam them nearly silent."Often, the problem with bad posture and gait due to the fact that she is not sure of herself - not once said aktrisa.- And beauty, as I believe - it's a challenge.It attracts people. "

main secret of its appeal actress calls a healthy lifestyle."Of course, we need proper nutrition, exercise, I regret only one thing: to stop smoking in 50 years.We had to do it much earlier. "You can afford to favorite weakness.Sophie said, not without irony: "health and beauty I owe pasta from durum wheat and baths with olive oil.But the most important thing - sleep at least 7-8 hours. "