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Six things you can not do with a child


Remember - the cry, it does not wish to cause vredrebenku, it is, first of all, your helplessness.This is how children think oteh who yells at them.Parents who are constantly frustrated at them onischitayut insecure.

When raising children cry prohibited.That he can statprichinoy demonstrative nature of the child.When my mother breaks to scream, the child begins to actively pounding feet, he gets used to cry and zastavlyaetperezhivat mother even more.Thus, the baby gets used to the hysterical reaction he starts to use them.


Undoubtedly, many parents say that a finger trogalisvoe child.And now remember those moments when you harmless kid spanked bail when he climbed, where you should not.Or weak slaps on the pope, in general, brightened, that frightened the child and cause discomfort.He can not be hurt, noses fact that you beat it strikes fear.

Remember - you can not beat the children, regardless of the impact force.Ama continue to step on the same rake, unable to cope with


Interfere lichnuyuzhizn

This applies to older children.Children appear novyedruzya, hobbies, company.Roditeliochen often strive to get into your child's life and teach his wits.Ustraivayutvsevozmozhnye questioning, finding out where and with whom he was.Children from such vvostorge not, especially when the secrets of their love life are predmetomvseobschego discussion.Many of them do want to share their secrets iproblemami, but only if you feel the full security iroditeli will not ask unnecessary questions.

can not drink, smoke in the presence of children imateritsya

It's simple.First Dad would drink a bottle of beer, zatemmama invite her friend to spend time.And now the child perceives vseroditelskie prohibitions as humiliation - so mom and dad can, and I can not?Poetomuvnimatelno sure that what you are doing.Remember - the child copies everything nashidvizheniya and preferences.You do not want him to become interested in this vdalneyshem?

I think it is not necessary to say that a child is first ocheredbolshaya responsibility.After his appearance, life is turned vverhdnom.Any ban that you impose on the child, encourage him adekvatnootnositsya undesirable things.After all, as you know, the forbidden fruit is sweet, bitter kakby is not necessary to be aware of.

can not be afraid egoseksualnosti

All children are growing by leaps and bounds.By the age of 15, many of them have sexual intercourse sosverstnikami.Before that, in their conversations there are mentions of sex ilidrugie vulgarity.

parents in such cases often behave nepravilno.Vmesto to grab his head and tell your child how etostrashno, catching up on his fear, he should be warned about the safety ipoprosit use contraceptives.The fear that you inspire in etomvozraste, affect his sex life in a few years.It happens togohuzhe, parents begin to ask the child where he walked and what to do temsamym trying to behave correctly.

Require learn naotlichno

There is quite a controversial situation.Some believe chtoambitsioznost parents laid into them from the Soviet era, where all delalipokornymi and obedient.Parents demand the same from their stepchildren.

school success of the child is often reflected vnerealizovannosti parents.Many reproach himself for missed opportunities, idumayut that even a child can go on the right path.However, this pressure to no good neprivedet.Maybe when he grows up, he will wake up and wish all vsegdaugozhdat.Believe me - this is not the best trait.So why torture the child and those who love him?

And what can I say?Not everyone is equally given and totzhe one thing, but that does not mean that your child is worse.You do not worry povodutogo that did not become a molecular biologist?