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Elena Sparrow

girl wanted to be a clown in her family ever zvuchalishutki, anecdotes, jokes arranged.Until now, any situation Sparrow staraetsyareshit using jokes (according to the actress, she got a sense of humor in nasledstvoot father).

However, Lena's parents did not perceive hobby klounadoyvserez daughter.They wanted the girl to become a music teacher, and translated it vmuzykalnoe school.Then Elena first visit to Leningrad and decided postupatv local theater school.

However, the entrance exams commission edinodushnozayavila: "Do not sing and not sing!" After these words, Lena took seriously vocal, and now knows the whole country is like a singing actress parody zhanra.Svoyu passion for singing Elena explains simply:"I always wanted to statsereznoy dramatic actress, and educators say that the best mneudayutsya comic numbers.But even if the person is given something more than, nuzhnoogranyat your gift!After all, if I had not become an actress, it would be deeply neschastnymchelovekom! »

way, Lena career helped make it uporstvo.Kak something she tried to calculate how many years you can become populyarnoy.Poluchilos seven.It was seven years long and plowing work on a Sparrow finally felt the impact.

life on stage

appearances oblige actress follow the figure.With storonykazhetsya that Elena physique is that it does not need diets.But eesobstvennomu recognition, Sparrow entire life struggling with obesity.Earlier, when she came to her parents in Brest, the first thing they asked: "I lost weight?" The Pope replied honestly: "No", and Lena entire vacation nothing to eat.Mom vtihuyurugala father: "Why could not you say that Lenka lost weight?Vaughn, golodaetteper child. "

Eventually Lena realized: to keep yourself in good shape, it is unnecessary either starve or stick exclusive diets.It's much easier: menshezhirnogo and no fast food!Now the artist is trying to do without sugar, and salt until just can not give up, though for a long time about this dream.


Lena chastoustraivaet fasting days.For example, the fall of the whole day eating some watermelon."Watermelon - a storehouse of nutrients, - explains his choice actress.- In nihsoderzhitsya glucose, fructose, sucrose - digestible sugar and pectin vitamins: folic and ascorbic acid, carotene.Many here and minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese.All of these substances are necessary for the person.Novazhno start buying watermelons not until August.And by the way, better snachalapriobresti nitrate to measure the level of harmful substances in the berry.Eslinitraty normal, with peace of mind, you can buy a watermelon and eat it together with the family, without fear of consequences. "

But the main help in taking care of themselves for Elena - etostsena."I have a gym membership - says Sparrow.- Houses somewhere tolezhit ...

But until help me keep in shape speech.Peredkazhdym concert I warm up and sing for about forty minutes, it is important to svyazok.Zatem concert.Total 2 hours 40 minutes of pure sport!And sometimes yazavorachivayus in plastic wrap on the performance, and it turns pochtispa treatments.But the main thing for the figure - to refrain from going to the restaurant poslekontserta. "

Elena has long ceased there after 18:00, with slightly restricting your diet.Once the artist has overzealous sdietami: eat only apples and carrots - and nearly lost his teeth due otsutstviyav diet of vitamins and minerals.

only thing for Sparrow can not replace a scene is a family."While I have no home, Sonja, daughter, sitting with grandparents itetey, - says Elena.- I believe that no one will be closer to the child, chemrodnye people.Nanny in this case - not an option.We had difficult moments, incomprehension jealousy on the part of his daughter, but he grew up, Sonya saw mamaobespechivaet not only the whole family, but also the creative team, and realized that etotrudno.Now it has changed its point of view and let me go on trips. "

«Consider that I have a cat!»

«When Boris Moiseyev had a stroke, many artistyzadumalis that you need to find time to relax.To chtobyuspokoitsya and recover many and myself included, go to tserkov.Seychas when drops a couple of free days, I'm learning to relax, uchuselementarnomu - turn off the phone.This is perhaps the most difficult step dlyaartista, because we live with the phone, sleeping with the phone ... »

Favorite vacation spot Helena - Montenegro.A warm vremyagoda Sparrow loves fishing.One artist caught 25 kg carp and did not know what to do with.In the end, he distributed to all friends.He said if anything, call nauhu.Not surprisingly, the favorite dish of the star - fish, especially stuffed. "One day I had a long tour, - says Lena.- And the week after dvev one of the cities I wanted a simple homemade food.Organizers postoyannoprinosili trout and salmon, which I could not look!And I poprosilamintaya.Organizers were discouraged: "This is a fish for cats!" To which I replied: "I believe that I have a cat!" They asked again, whether it is not a joke, and then mnerybu roasted with carrots and onions.When I began this absorbing several povarovstoyali and watched in amazement as the pop star eats fried pollock. "

Besides fishing, in the life of Helen has another passion - in the past few years, she collects figurines sparrows and dogs: "I nepereschityvayu them, for me they are all like family.But I think the figures have poryadkatridtsati.The first sparrow appeared in my time, but I quickly realized that statuetkis these birds - a rare thing.And during a tour of Ukraine in one lavkeya found earthenware plate with a picture of a family of sparrows.Already sobralaskupit, suddenly caught sight of a charming dog - extraordinary krasotyfarforovogo spaniel.Salon owner recognized me and immediately came up with a question: "Helen, you like dogs?Then take this sculpture! "" Dogs, I love, but collect only the sparrows, "- I said, nodding at the plate.And then I hozyainpredlozhil fantastic, in my opinion, the deal: if I take spaniel tovorobev he gives me!And I realized: it is necessary to agree.Since sobirayufigurki also dogs. "

But the main recipe for mental relaxation Elena - not zatsiklivatsyana failures.Do not care and did not cherish his bad temper.Better to pretend that nothing happened and go on with your head held high!

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