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Memo, students preparing for exams

basic principle of mnemonics - creating associations between pictures and memorize those data that are already in memory.So, memorizing historical dates, it makes sense to find yourself some association between the year events and familiar combination of digits (phone number, house, apartment, car, date of birth).

turns out that in the process of storing information plays a key role not memorization and repetition.If we divide the process of preparing for the exam is 7 parts, memorization should take about one of the time, the rest - to repeat.For good storing information better repeated at regular intervals: 30 minutes, 2 hours, 5 hours and 24 hours.Everyone knows the rule: that read a couple of times before going to bed and repeat the morning, is remembered much better.

write formulas on the walls, tables, rules and dates - that, and the truth is very simple and effective method of memorization.Of course, not necessarily spoil the wall.Let your student will take several sheets of drawing paper and

turn them into wall cribs.So the child uses several types of memory.After all, you must first select and organize the most important information (visual memory), then arrange and record them in a table (motor memory).Whenever a child will pass his posters, his eyes will fall or that the introduction (again working visual memory).

this way, using the memo, prepare for exams students will be remembered for many things with little or no effort.Tables are useful to prepare for anything - to replace or control.In the history - it dates that are usually extremely difficult to remember in physics, mathematics and chemistry - the formula in the language - grammar rules.The main condition - to write the largest and certainly do their own posters.Purchased tables will help a little.Additionally, you can hang the plate with the most complex and poorly memorable pictures on the refrigerator, on the walls of the toilet (yes, do not laugh!) On the balcony of a desk and a bed.By the way, writing cribs - a useful thing, too.But they should not write in order to take advantage of the exam (this is fraught with disastrous consequences), and to reiterate the most important material, motor cycling and visual memory.

One of the main components of success in exams and other critical events - the right mental attitude.After all, many had happened: all learned, everything you know, but because of the excitement head completely refuses to fish out of the memory necessary formulas and dates.

Therefore, first of all, you need to set yourself a working harmony pa.It is not easy.

once is plenty of important things: you have somewhere to go, someone to call an awful temptation to turn on the TV or pick up a detective, even willing to volunteer to wash the dishes, but would not do it.If you still can not focus, you can try to fool yourself ....To get started you just need to say to yourself: "I do not want to do - and do not!I'll do what I want! "- And really afford minutes 10 - 15 work out something pleasant (best to listen to your favorite music, dance).Then it would be good for 15 minutes to lie down, trying to relax as much as possible.

In this state, you can imagine the vivid pictures of passing the exam - with all the details and the details.By the way, these relaxation sessions quickly help relax and rejuvenate.They are useful to 3-4 times per day, including, and before bedtime.After this setting to sit tuition is much easier.And the certainty of success is added!It is not necessary to prepare for the exam together with friends, or turn to the preparation of the next party.

said there are chemicals that allow you to "remember everything".They argue that they can even remember what never knew.But we is not available.And, thank God!Because these funds are very draining internal resources of an organism, which then recovered slowly and painfully.Even now very popular among the youth energy drinks is not harmless.And for a successful exam preparation completely unacceptable!Maybe lethal dose of caffeine and will hold a couple of nights without sleep in the hope of finally learning a few textbooks.But then ... You can be sure the exam or test of an amateur "Energy" will come with a completely "sterile" head.

But medical advice memo, prepare students for exams just use can and should be.We recommend that during the preparation for the exams required daily long walks.And an adequate supply of fresh air in the room around the clock!But the last two days before the event it is desirable to charge the street at least four hours, it is good to swim in the pool, jogging.

is important to keep yourself in a good light mood (this is very conducive dancing!).And a sufficient number of hours of sleep a night.In the morning before the exam, if possible, it does not hurt hour walk.And earphones with your favorite music.All these simple measures will make it possible to relax and unwind, it is much more useful than a busy, dreary expectations.Before you leave home, you need to drink a glass of weak tea or fruit juice (can be diluted in the fluid askorbinku - vitamin C).It tones the brain and accelerates the reaction.But it is necessary to give up coffee.Better podnalech on dark chocolate (in moderation), bananas and nuts.