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Pre-school child to school

Many moms and dads believe that kindergarten - a wonderful way to prepare baby.It was there that he gets used to the team and self-discipline, it is curious, attentive, diligent, hard-working.In the kindergarten kids learn to count and read, use stationery (pens, pencils, scissors).However, not everything runs smoothly - there are cases of epidemics in the gardens, which can not fail to disappoint, and much depends on the teachers.Unfortunately, there is an opportunity to get in are not professional educators - people who work in the garden as their own child is going to school, or retired, which is not very positive effect on education - the children will simply spend time waiting for the day whenwill get a new status - a schoolboy.That is why parents must be aware of how the pre-school preparation of the child for school, what their children, even if they give in kindergarten only because of the lack of time for training.

There is another version of psychological preparation of the child for school -

specific courses for preschoolers.It is important to take into account the requirements of the school in which the student will go next.There are also parents who resist the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkindergarten, they prefer their own child's education.That's great, because in this case they can fully control the process of learning their child, instilling in him a good taste of childhood and set the program for the future, it's not an open secret that the basic attitudes are formed in humans in the preschool years and it is from this period,It depends largely on his future life.It is only to clarify one point - many parents believe that the school needed only basic skills - reading, counting, writing, and basic encyclopedic knowledge.To this we can confidently answer that everything is diametrically opposed.After all, in fact, even with all of these basic knowledge, but without the desire to learn, without the ability to overcome the difficulties without analytical skills, without the ability to communicate, your child will be very difficult at first.On the contrary, a large amount of knowledge will cause a lack of motivation for learning, as well as the desire to go to school, it would be absolutely true: unless you would have to learn somewhere where you can not learn anything new?Therefore, we can recommend to parents to focus on aspects such as the development of psychological training of attention, perseverance, the ability to not throw started in the middle, which, inter alia, contribute to board games and so on. D.

And most importantly, participate in the process of preparing a child for schoolDo not leave everything to fate.And then everything will turn out the best way.

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