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Secrets of health from Julia Bordovskikh

Julius could easily suspect that the secret of her stroynosti- various beauty treatments.In fact, the main reason - etogodami elaborate a philosophy of life, balance nutrition and fizicheskoyaktivnosti, annual medical check-UP, as well as a set of "normal" rules that Julia agreed to share with readers.

Pervyyprintsip - you are what you eat

She tried a lot of nutrition programs (including clinics opytdetoks) before finding the one that allows you to feel and look so great.She chose macrobiotics - a lot of vegetables, cereals, failure otmolochnyh products, meat and coffee.But if the power supply circuit - especially individual case, the general rule will suit everyone.For example, the protein is there with bolshimkolichestvom plant foods, but fruit - only on an empty stomach, vpereryvah between meals.From time to time you can afford sebegastronomicheskie joy, but this is an exception to the rule, and not vice versa - a diet in two weeks, and then - the grass does not grow!It helps and counting ca

lories.For example, a simple and effective method of controlling power - the application "are what you eat" dlyatelefonov. Program the rate of consumption of calories and fat counts based izindividualnyh indicators - height and weight. Here's what she calls zdorovympitaniem, not painful self-restraint.

The second principle-physical activity

Whatever may have been correct your diet, no salatnyelistya or rejection of the sweet, flour, salt, smoked not turn Vasvi slender beauties, if you do not exercise. Julia nepredstavlyaet themselves without training: for many years itgoes to a sports club pochtikazhdy day. However, exercise can effectively and doma.Vysokotehnologichnaya alternative classes with a personal trainer - the application "6 week training". The essence of zalozhenav title: you specify what kind of results you want to achieve, and programmarazrabatyvaet most effective system of training lasting 1, 5mesyatsa.

The third principle - eslihochesh be healthy, get enough sleep

Just how rested we feel, waking up, because depending on what phase of sleep - slow or fast - hit zvonokbudilnika.Appendix Sleep Master phone will calculate the most opportune time and wakes up with help of built-in alarm clock.Early awakening began to give her a simple, ADNI, when particularly tight work schedule and a dream can only neskolkochasov no longer appear to be a crime against ourselves.And cheerfulness zaryazhaetlyubimaya procedure - oxygen therapy, known as Oxy and so popular in Hollywood, besides that deystvitelnoeffektivna!Thanks to Madonna!