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For the first time in first class

early as kindergarten child begins to learn the basics of the discipline, getting used to the regime, learning independence, accuracy and diligence.At least Sadovskaya program is designed for it.Then the whole thing for educators and parents themselves.You can often meet this opinion: "Now that the baby touch - let the walk up.Will go to school - to learn everything quickly.Where to go anywhere. "It can only be called irresponsible and even stupidity on the part of parents.And the children themselves pay later.And oh, how often the price is high - overwrought nerves, set eyes, reduce to zero the immune system.And it is worth just to behave properly with the child before school, to prepare it, to adjust, to teach.And try not to fall into extremes at the same time.

Many parents make the mistake of calling the fear of the child to the school.They frighten him that he should play less and work more, then to not be the last student in the school to not scoffed at him and laughed.This is one of the extrem

es to which the parents have resorted future first-graders.The child creates in itself, if not disgust, the fear of the word "school", which then it will be difficult to handle.The best way to avoid this - talk to your child about school, not associating the word only with difficulty, discipline and training, but also with pleasant emotions.He must understand that the school is a place where, besides studying, he would meet new friends, together they will have fun and feel good.Training Methods to show the school as "the cradle of terror" extremely erroneous and no good does not.

child needs motivation, not intimidation.It should prepare for the fact that for the first time in the first grade child will go with excitement and trepidation.In some children, this excitement is so strong that to cope with it on their own, they can not.There are sedatives that will not bring harm to the child, but to help him cope with awe and trembling.But in fact, the fear of the first day of school - not the biggest problem.Worse, if a child is afraid of at all times before going to school.What to do?Try to turn all the game.Equip the room classroom, seedlings into place dolls or soft toys, set up beautifully different pencils, pens, spread colorful books.The child takes everything literally, bright and color - so fun and scary.Suppose you are the first time pobudet teacher.The child will love this game.As soon as he was asked to be a teacher - he is ready, he was able to overcome his fear.

course, much more confident feel graders already know how to read and count.The child is better adapted to the school curriculum, it is easier to read them.But it is wrong to burden the child all at once.When a child is in first grade, being able to read a foreign language and to solve problems from the program of the fourth class - it does not give him the guarantee for a successful learning in the future.Unfortunately, more often just the opposite.The child goes to school with the children, far behind him in terms of baggage of knowledge.But the teacher will not come up for a separate program.He will start training as well as all - with the alphabet, with the study of numbers.Imagine how would feel in such a situation yourself a little "child prodigy"?At best, it would be boring.At worst, he will hate, and the school, and teachers, and "stupid" classmates.This is by no means rare.Think about this carefully before you train your child in all school subjects at once.

Before the start of the school year, you have to change the baby's room.Put the window desk, spread out on a shelf books, notebooks, hang on the wall timetable (if still blank).Remove unnecessary toys, so that the room is not like a big play center.This room student, the student, and he himself must feel it.Typically, children are happy to take up the permutation in his room, knowing that now they have become more mature and independent.It is very flattering to the child, gives him confidence.

For the first time in the first class have oh how much to buy.From costume, ending kantsprenadlezhnostyami.And to do it, too, should be with the baby.Kids usually like procurement process notebooks, pens, books and other small items.It is mentally prepared him to think about school, increases the desire to quickly go there.

For holiday you need a beautiful bouquet of flowers to be prepared in advance.Do not buy too complicated and voluminous bouquet that will interfere with the child or too set it apart from the other children.Choose something simple and stylish to show respect for the teacher.

First day of school - is an emotion that we remember forever.Give your child a chance to remember this day with a smile and not with a shudder.All in your hands.