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About drinking water and clean it up

Where does the water

Water for human extracted from various prirodnyhistochnikov, such as lakes, underground springs and rivers.The water in the lakes and rekahpredstavlyaet to human health more dangerous because these istochnikizagryazneny, harmful, disease-causing microbes, bacteria in them ochenvysoko.Often in such water contains various chemicals.

Before water comes to be used by onaprohodit cleaning at a cleaning station.At first she cleaned otraznoobraznogo large debris, and then comes the turn of water purification from foam and debris smaller.Then comes a clarification process iobezzarazhivaniya water.To it was colorless, it is necessary to turn the small dirt particles into flakes, this is done by adding a specific substance in the water.Then the water is filtered, filters trap of the microbes and cereals.Imikroorganizmy remaining harmful bacteria are killed by using bleach.

Then this water will reach the consumer povodoprovodnym pipes, most of which served otvedennyyim long term, oft

en fail.For this reason, water often flows from kranovrzhavaya, cloudy, with a variety of impurities, yellowish, with an unpleasant odor.Takuyuvodu must be clean before use.


Now the most effective and best way to clean drinking vodydlya is installing household filters which do an excellent job of donated work.There flow filters and drives.

The flow filters filtering is carried out under davleniemvody, they are attached directly to the faucet.They are produced in the form of nozzles that can be inserted in the water pipe itself, and the crane.There filtrys automatic cleaning cartridge, there is a removable cartridge.All oniotlichno cleans drinking water otprimesey from unwanted substances, disease-causing bacteria from different tyazhelyhmetallov.

filter drive is also quite good, unpretentious, easy to use, the price is low.It is a pitcher, which is inserted into a vessel sfiltrom.Water enters the container through the filter, where it is cleaning.Once the cartridge (cassette) served a term, it must be replaced.Purpose tapes -Also great deliverance water from germs and dirt, they are able to satisfy voduftorom make it much softer, remove chlorine, iron, keep a pitcher marganets.Neobhodimo clean regularly wash it and sfiltrom vessel.Filtered water should not be stored for a long time, otherwise it zarazitsyamikrobami.And, of course, they will, if the filter is wet all the time, should be regularly dry.

Folk remedies water purification

most common is boiling.Boiling ubivaetvozbuditeley severe diseases removes salts that are present in the water, making it softer.After boiling water, which is at the bottom of the container should be poured, as this is where waste products accumulate.Polzovatsyaeyu possible after a short settling.Keep the water in a closed container now, to avoid getting dust on its surface.The shelf life of boiled water is not great, because it is very fast appear germs.Disadvantages kipyachenoyvody relates that during interaction of chlorine and boiling increases the amount of organic salts and impurities which are harmful dlyazdorovya.

Clean drinking water can be settling.For etogoneobhodimo take a clean container of small size, substitute tap chtobytuda while running water.Skip the water that has accumulated in the pipes, then dial, do not close immediately, so that the smell of weathered hlora.Zatem close, after 6-7 hours it is ready to defend upotrebleniyu.Dlitelnoe storage of this water is not recommended, so as not to appear bakterii.Takzheit is not necessary to use all the water, the one that is located on the bottom nuzhnovylivat.

Bottled water

Now the choice of bottled water from plastic is huge.Her mozhnoispolzovat for drinking, although there are no guarantees in its safety as a plastic namneizvestno was to manufacture bottles, poured some water there, how and where it was stored.It is known that the storage of data nasvete bottles, plastic breaks down when heated and emits harmful kantserogennyeveschestva.This in turn adversely affects human health.

purchasing bottled water, read the adresproizvoditelya where the source of its name, expiration date, TU Ilig.There were cases of filling water bottles from a simple water system, buying poetomupri see that it was no precipitation and clean to the bottle itself neimela no damage, cork tightly curled.

Drink only pure water, this will save your health!

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