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Influence of cartoons on parenting

Many people, particularly parents and teachers, have been trying to figure out: whether compelling view of contemporary cartoons on the emerging mentality of the child? How cartoons to give preference to domestic or foreign?Limultfilmy have at least some benefit to the younger generation?The chrevatprosmotr cartoons and whether to give them up?Will not oniprosto and simply to the "zombie" children and planting their distorted ideals?

Any product has its positive and negative storony.Multfilmy no exception.Here are a few "pros" and "cons".

Pros cartoons

Bright and entertainment, cartoons have always been loved by children from every corner of the planet.They have massupreimuschestv.His ability to educate, develop, and so to say, to cultivate certain qualities in children, they vie with children's books, educational games, and even human interaction.Through cartoons child learns about sposobahvzaimodeystviya with the outside world, he formed the primary submission is approved and evil.By assoc

iating themselves with geroyamimultfilmov, the child learns respect for others, learning borotsyaso their fears.In general, he knows how to behave in a inoysituatsii.Cartoon effektivnoispolzuetsya in child care, because it has a big impact naformirovanie his outlook, thinking and understanding of the etalonahhoroshego and bad behavior.

Cons cartoons

Along with the positive vliyaniemmultfilmov there are a number of negative.The main characters are harmful drugimpersonazham carelessly handle things, kill or injure others, the moment of aggression can be repeated many times in the protyazheniivsego cartoon.As a result, under the influence these cartoons detistanovyatsya cruel and imitate these heroes, cultivating a ihotritsatelnye quality.They can be ruthless and cruel that meshaetrazvitiyu feeling compassion for others.Children regularly smotryaschiemultfilmy with elements of violence, as adults, have a greater tendency knarusheniyu order and criminal offenses.

unwarranted aggression and behavior that violates social norms, the cartoon nobody is punished.Nobody says offending character, it is wrong and does not ask for an apology or remedy the situation.As a result, urebenka an idea of ​​the admissibility and the impunity of such acts.He begins to avoid the thought that he could vestisebya this way.

also in cartoons, we can observe the actions of the characters, and kotoryeopasno It would not be repeated in real life.When a child's cartoon prosmotrepodobnyh vozmozhnosnizhenie threshold of sensitivity to risk.This can lead to injury, takkak child is prone to imitate what he sees.The question arises: how sdelattak child to copy only good behavior cartoon characters?

showing the form of non-standard behavior predstavitelizhenskogo and male gender roles are changing and are not inherent in their exhibit polukachestva.They wear clothes, not intended for their gender, show an abnormal interest in predstavitelyamtogo same sex.Imagine how podobnyemomenty may affect the child's gender identity.

Some cartoons abound scenes disrespect kprirode, animals, old age.Cartoon characters make fun of infirmity islabostyu others.It certainly will affect the behavior of the child, pervuyuochered toward their relatives.

accepted that the characters must bytprivlekatelnymi positive and negative - on the contrary.Currently, there are multfilmahchasto unsympathetic or very ugly characters.However, they mogutbyt both positive and negative characters.As a result, rebenokteryaet guidelines for the assessment of their actions.In imitation of the child nachinaetassotsiirovat themselves with unattractive hero.This may adversely otrazitsyana internal state of the child.

These are a few signs of cartoons that have negativnoevliyanie the formation of the child's personality.

Thus, watching cartoons can be a good move for the purpose of raising a child and at the same time means manipulirovaniyasoznaniem young viewers.

should be noted that it is on the future of adult detey.Podvodya up, select neskolkorekomendatsy specialists.

Recommendations made

Children under two years are not recommended TV show.Dlyaostalnyh watching TV should not exceed 1.5 hours a day.Babies snarusheniyami nervous system, very impressionable and easily suggestible, better to reduce to a minimum the time spent in front of a blue screen.

choosing children's programs, or a cartoon, you must be osobennoostorozhnymi as visual images more impact on the child.Posleprosmotra cartoon or television should be discussed with him what he saw ivosproizvodit chain of events.

And the most important thing.View cartoons never replace rebenkuzhivoe communication.So sometimes stoitotlozhit everything and instead of watching another cartoon, suggest rebenkuprovesti time together.

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