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Natalia Vodianova


Those who are familiar with the biography of Natalia usually says: too many sweets ... So that begins nauseated.Mnogolyubvi very, very good and a lot of selflessness.It does not hold a grudge against his father, I kotoryyushel once learned about the birth of a disabled daughter.It does not conflict with drugimimodelyami.Most of the first meager earnings Parisian family sends vNizhny Novgorod.After all, there is already a mom and two sisters ...

Oh, these image-makers science fiction!Stanislavsky would issue votvet their creativity ... While it would be enough Maitre view Natashinyglaza (albeit skillfully penciled liner from Guerlain), "not to believe" nesletelo lips.The suffering that elevates and enlightens, always in vzglyade.Vozmozhno, this is what distinguishes Vodianova from all other models.Taperezhitaya pain that is always with her.Yes, suffering Russian soul.Kazhdayarusskaya soul suffering - because the situation seems to foreigners.For them etoekzotika piquant t
ouch the glossy image, where the main role, may have played a Photoshop ... And Vodianova?Not denies and continues nestidobroe eternal.And it is also annoying opponents.The more that the success will be rewarded Natashe.K added love.By the way, she began with a sigh on skameyke.Edva acquainted with a British aristocrat Justin Trevor BerkliPortmanom, Natalie, in the past saleswoman vegetables had a fight with him.I wanted byprodolzhit saying, 9 months they had a boy.But the boy (Lucas) came just over a year later.And behind him a daughter Neva and another son, Victor.

catch everything and dazhebolshe
Combining the roles of mother and a top model?Easily!And the wives, sisters, daughters and founder of the charity fund "Naked Heart".Natalyaspravlyaetsya.Moreover, he does it brilliantly.And when he realizes that the forces on vsene enough ... leave her modeling career.Agrees to shoot only occasionally.Lishza fabulous fees.Because the purpose of which she outlined, trebuetdeneg.Building a worldwide children's playgrounds (you know them by the logo "Igras sense") is not cheap.As well as creating centers where parents kotoryestolknulis with cerebral palsy and autism in children, will always find support.

In this way, Natalia was not alone.With her friends, who pomogayutustraivat charity events (one that has been collected 400,000 dollars).But most importantly, with her children.Together they go on the centers, communicate smalyshami play.The eldest son Lucas 11 years refers to this more chemserezno.Natalya proudly emphasizes the word "we" in a speech Lucas when he is talking about charity.Successor growing!For her, it is important to understand chtobydeti: the world is a grief and hardship.And many people need vpomoschi."When you help, they give you the strength to help yet!" - Etomvam say about any of the small Portman.As for the father, the onsoshel from the scene.At least, so it informs the press.

And each of the reporters come up with their zahvatyvayuscheeprodolzhenie plot.Natalya with a smile of the Mona Lisa says they parted sDzhastinom civilized.Shares of the divorce proceedings is about budutpodpisany.His grief over broken the ten-year marriage she predpochitaetpryatat ... the most prominent place.The whole movie "Lovers" - nothing more than kakpsihoterapiya Vodianova aimed at a cure.

relations director Glen Bonder did not spend time on the casting.He knew who play Ariana.In the past, a photographer, he saw a little deeper than obektivkamery.And it did.The duo of Natalia and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the film dyshitzhiznyu, so much so that it is taken for reality.Vodianova answered questions naotkrovennye genuinely surprised.It compares a new experience in a movie spoezdkoy for Ferrari, exciting, unusual, but still limited gonochnymtrekom.

She has a favorite person.It Antoine Arnault, PR direktorLouis Vuitton and concurrently heir Empire Arno.No novel naekrane not change this fact.A loved one Vodianova to zheokazyvaetsya also loving, because he understands and supports.In addition, onzamechatelno it communicates with all three children.Now the family has moved to a new school Parizh.Deti satisfied.Natasha is glad that the children are happy, and from the window vidnaEyfeleva Tower.Mr. Arpo loves this easy home environment and prekrasnyypeyzazh.And women who are often standing at the window thoughtfully.

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